Couch to 5K

Week 9 Run 2 done but slow and oh so very warm and hard going!!!!

Well I did it, didn't find it easy, in fact it was one of the hardest runs I have done. Its about 10 degrees warmer this morning (summer here at last). They were cutting the grass in the park which I run through so runny nose all the time, ugh hay fever has started. Had to slow to a gentle trot to get my Hi Viz jacket off and tied around my waist. I finished it 1/2 minute slower than my previous run on the same route, 35 mins 12 secs. - Must do better for my graduation run!!

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Well done for finishing your run today.

I've been desperate for the sun to come out...but just came back from a 5k run looking like a beetroot and absolutely boiling!!!

Don't wear your jacket for your graduation run...think this weather is here for a couple of days now....Good luck! You can do it! :)


you do realise that 35 mins for 5k is *not* slow!!!


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