Running style? Tips for feet please!

Running style? Tips for feet please!

Just a there a particular way you should run? Or is everyone different? I keep my head up and straight and have my arms close to my sides pumping away from the elbow.

But its my feet - and theyre the significant bit in this i reckon ;)

Halfway through my run today I decided to try putting my heel down first - I had to do this quite consciously cos I seem to slam all of my foot down at once otherwise....

Anyone got any thoughts on this? Or tips?


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  • Firstly, I love your pics. Are they your legs?! I try and land heel first, as instructed but after a while I forget and its as much as I can do to keep plodding on. Its the arms that have had the biggest impact on my running. Pumping them properly does seem to give me forward motion when my legs aren't playing!

  • I hope theyre not my legs Im a woman!!! I will have to have a look in a minute hehe ;) I have a strange thing about putting pics with posts - I like to jazz it up a bit but thanks! But back to the running question........I didnt know heel first was the right way...Im googling it all as we speak!

  • There are differing opinions on whether or not heel first is best - just wait until you feel the urge to buy a running magazine (yes, that day will come !).

    As Laura advises heel first, that's what I've tried to do. I did my first few weeks on the treadmill - concentrating on heel-first made me sound a lot less like a herd of elephants ! It did take me a while to start to do it naturally and I think it made a difference to how my legs felt afterwards. It's a bit smoother too and helped me stop being so bouncy. I think one of the tips Laura gives is to try not to bounce up and down so much as it wastes energy.

    I like all your piccies too ! :-)

  • Thanks ;) Im confused now - where does Laura say this? Have I missed something??

  • It might be week 3, I think.

  • Firstly, sorry about the legs - they just looked good and shapely to me (so like my own :) ) My family are runners and they dont do the heel first thing. But to me, if Saint Laura says so ......! I also have bought the Runners Mag!

  • I just assumed they were mens legs dont know why haha! I will have to go back to the NHS website to check this out again..the running tips not the legs ;)

  • It's something that gets discussed a lot in the running community, but from what I can tell there's no real consensus about the 'right' way for your feet to strike the ground (heel first, midfoot first, or forefoot first). If you google, you'll probably find lots of people asking how they can STOP landing with a heelstrike, as well as people asking how to stop landing on their midfoot - basically no one really agrees about which way is best, it's all down to what works for you individually.

    Personally I'd say that at this stage you should just land whatever way feels most natural to you, and try not to worry about it too much! :)

  • Cool thank you :)

  • I read somewhere that forcing a technique isn't good and your feet will naturally change forms with a change in speed anyway so, why bother? I'm happy to just let it happen of its own accord :)

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