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Did I do the right thing week 2.5 lol

After struggling on week 3 run 1 on Saturday I was dreading today but it dawned and something told me I needed to get on there. Out I went to my treadmill and looked for podcast it had disappeared so I knew if came back to check the moment may have gone. Put on the music and decided to do warm up then walk for 2 run for 2 kept the speed slower than Saturday and was not too bad. I did 3 reps of that then on the 4th run I realised I was looking at the clock all the time and seconds were taking ages. So I slowed speed down a bit more as I thought I wasn’t going to finish and looked away. I shuffled along slowly and next time I looked it said 4.28 so I thought can I do 5 mins. I did but even though I now realise that if I get the speed right for me I can go for longer I wonder whether I will pay for this.

I will reload week 3 and do day 2 on Wednesday.

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When I use the treadmill I cover the dispaly with a towel so that I'm not watching the seconds tick by - the time goes much faster! :)


great idea thanks


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