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About to start week 2 - dare I go out in public!

Hello everyone - what a super site this is! I am about to start week 2 - no mean feat for me ( ie 41 year old, overweight, exercise phobic woman!) Last week went quite well although I daren't be seen in public so using a treadmill - walking at 5.8kph and jogging at 7.5kph (is that ok?) I would really like to have a go at proper jogging but the embarressment factor is holding me back :(

Really enjoying the programme so far - lets hope this continues.

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Don't put yourself down, you are doing it "properly". The pace should be challenging but achievable so sounds like you have it taped.

This programme is amazing - I was 50 last year and never willingly run in my life before, apart from the odd hockey match in school.


Hi - do you know what? I did my Wk 1 R1 today...and I spotted 2 paperboys in the distance and I thought uhoh and my mind instantly tried to think of different routes and then I thought WAIT A MINUTE!!! Im doing this for ME! Not them. Sodi it. So i turned up the podcast volume, zoned in, and went right past them......DO you know what? I dont think people pay as much attention as we think they do..............

At the end of the day though it doesnt matter where you do this, as long as you do it! Its better than being on the couch and if youre more comfortable on the treadmill for now and that is what will keep you with this programme then stay there till u feel ready to go outside. I like going outside cos it cheers me up...and Im 41 and overweight as well so thats 2 of us now but not for long eh?! Good luck and Keep going!!! ;)


I don't like people seeing me either, and add to that the fact that my dog isn't 100% reliable with strangers (she wears a muzzle), I used to stop or walk if I saw people in the distance. However, my last couple of runs I've had cars behind me and I didn't know until the dog reacted (Laura too loud!), so having thought about it, I don't know how long they had been subjected to my wobbly bum in front of them, but they looked OK and nothing changed, so now I don't care!


I really don't think people pay that much attention to us when we are out there running and if they are they are probably saying good on her /him! Until I started running I hardly noticed runners now I see them everywhere and always want to cheer them on as they are out there doing it!

As ezmee says the important thing is doing it and if for now you are more comfortable on the treadmill thats absolutely fine. I'd say give it a go and see how you get on! Good luck


Thanks everyone for your support - may brave an early morning run later this week :)


I was like that last year when I did C25K the first time. Had a long spell off through sciatica so this is me doing it again. The other morning I was later leaving the house. Oh no!, the kids were all outside the school, teenagers, hundreds of them and always with something to say. I braced myself for the nasty comments and laughs. None came, just one young man shouted "Go grandma go" No insult to me I'm a grandmother of 3 beautiful children. The pride I felt though was when his pall said "I've seen her a few mornings, she really can run" My little short legs grew inches and my feet wings as I flew by the kids with huge pride.

You get yourself out there, not many people take any notice, those that do probaby wish they could run, they probably haven't heard yet about C25K!! Be aware of uneven pavements and traffic though and most important of all, enjoy it.


Hey that makes 3 of us, I'm 41 and overweight too, I've just done week 6 run 1 and all outside. Unfortunately I don't have a treatmill and can't afford gym membership, so this has forced me to just go for it outside. I agree that people don't bat an eyelash these days - there are so many people out running these days.

I would say give it a go, if you don't feel comfy then go back inside, but I think you'll find that you are too engrossed in listening to Laura and concentrating on finishing your run. Plus now the weather is a bit better, it's lovely.

Good luck and keep going xxx

btw hello everyone, these forums are great aren't they??


You should definatly go for it! I'm just finishing week 4 and yesterday, for the first time in more then 10 years I done my first road run! All the previous weeks I ran on a treadmill. I was totally euphoric when I finished and actually I found W4R2 easier then Run 1 as I didn't get too hot (I went straight from the school run before the haze had been burnt off). There were only three differences I noticed. 1) On the treadmill I was running a solid 6mph pace, but on the road I ran slower. This doesn't bother me personally as I was more concerned with just finishing each interval without stopping. 2) My thighs where sore afterwards. I suppose that's from the forward propulsion that is reduced on the treadmill. and 3) bloody bugs but that was probably my own fault from running close to the bushes :)

I used to be conscious of people watching me running, even before I got super fat. Even back BC (before children) I would only run at night lol. Now I just kind of think, well, yes I am overweight but I'm doing something about it. What can anyone really say about that?

Best of luck, I'm certain you will surprise yourself. Lets know how you do :)


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