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As you know my right knee has been troublesome of late although it had improved since Friday (thanks to copious amounts of drugs and rest). Yesterday I was completely pain free and was the same when I got up this morning. I thought I would seize this opportunity to for my gait analysing. It turns out I'd solved the problem before I'd left the house! Within 5 minutes of putting my trainers on my knee pain was back :( I still went for the gait though to confirm what I knew and work out which way my foot needed support. My current shoes were neutral so offered neutral support.

The results show I over pronate with my right foot and thus, put stress on my knee in the exact spot I have the pain. I've picked some new shoes but won't be picking them up till next weekend (hubby's payday and to make sure I don't run till then, still need to rest up and clear the swelling). I definitely recommend the gait, if only for peace of mind. I wish I'd gone before I bought my first runners as less than 3 months of use and they're unwearable :( Never mind, live and learn :)


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7 Replies

  • That's good news. When I went I had been getting pain in both knees and not only was the shop assistant able to recommend shoes for me but he could tell from watching me run which knee was giving me the most pain - I was really impressed. I will certainly go back to the same shop next time.

  • It's fantastic to be able to see yourself run in slow motion (my full speed is about the same haha) and see for yourself quite how you run. I think my problem would be missed without this technology. I'm impressed how professional I look ;)

  • What happens tho if you only overpronate on one foot? Will you then end up with pain in the other foot in the new shoes, because that one needs a neutral shoe?

  • Ooh interesting - Im off for gait analysis tomorrow! Just make sure you rest before you get those new trainers!

  • Tantrum bean, I'm not sure but sweatshop offer a 30 day money back guarantee so if I still have problems within that time I can simply keep swapping till I find something suitable. I'm hoping because it's just added support in a specific area that my left foot will be ok. I don't fancy wearing 2 different types of shoe :o

  • I have got one foot overopronates a lot and the other doesn't. Overpronating shoes work fine for both feet and no pain in the right knee.

  • I'm glad to hear that! Thank you :)

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