Stubbornness pays off!

Some of you know I've signed up to run with the year 7s at my school as they rack up 2012 km between them for charity. I had my second run with them, a 5k, a couple of days ago. It didn't go well. This was a different bunch and even the slowest of the slow set off at a cracking pace, leaving me struggling to keep up. My main problem was a terribly bloated stomach (probably due to wheat intolerance which I'm currently experimenting with) added to the fact that I'd been out on a trip to Docklands all day and had already walked miles and stood around loads. So I ran 1.6k and then gratefully accepted the offer to stay put and direct the hordes, then ran back with the back runners (who by now were flagging haha!).

I then realised that I was not at all happy with my performance. This just Would Not Do, and I knew that Bad Juicy would be beating me up all night if I didn't do something about it.

So, once the kids were safely getting changed with a teacher supervising them, I went out and did the whole run this time! 5k without stopping.... VERY slowly, even slower than my usual time. The stomach was bearable - seemed to improve with running - but legs pretty heavy and I had to keep cajoling myself to keep going, so it was pretty tough. I could barely walk afterwards, BUT all together I had run 8.25k and boy was I pleased with myself!!

I've had a couple of days' rest and am going out this morning for my final 'big' run before my 10k next Sunday. How far will I get? I'll come back and let you know!

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  • Wow Juicydee! That's incredible! With a sore tummy too! Good luck this morning!

  • Well done ! It's horrible running with an iffy stomach so that's really impressive.

  • Well done you :)

    I'm excited to hear how it goes, I'm keen to do 10k myself

  • That's great. Running at other people's pace is really tough I've found. I'm much better if I can just plod along at my own slow pace.

  • Well - I managed a full 10k on my run this afternoon! It was (again) tough going but I ran along the canal path so at least it was pretty (even if I wasn't!). Trouble was, I liked the canal so much I carried on and ended up a couple of miles from home at the end of my 10k - so a very extended cooldown walk!

    So I'm now confident I will be OK for my race next Sunday - I was slow (1hr 26mins) but I did run all the way.

    I'm now hoping for a similar success with my essay writing - 3000 words to get written by Tuesday evening (and you really don't want to know what about.....complicated theology stuff that I barely understand!). I'm trying to imagine it as one word per metre, so that's a 3k run which is nothing!! Best get off the forum and into my 'proper' writing..... :-)

  • 10 K, I can hardly believe what I'm reading, 10K, you are amazing. That bad juicy sounds a bit scarey, keeping you up all night and making you feel bad but she is obviously keeping you motivated. :)

  • You are doing SO well! Are you still hoping to do the park run in June?

  • Most definitely! It will be just a week after the 10k so hopefully will fit in well. I spoke to a colleague recently whose name I'd seen on the local parkrun leaderboards (with a scarily good time!!) and he said it was very friendly and everyone goes for coffee afterwards.

    I'll message you nearer the time so we can encourage each other!

  • And thank you for the encouragement about the 10k! I must admit to feeling a bit grim after I got back: aches and pinging knees as you might expect, but also feeling a bit queasy and shivery... but made sure I had a warm bath, stretched and put on warm clothes and rehydrated lots, and am now feeling a lot better. My programme now suggests a 45 min run on Wed and a 30 min on Friday as the 'taper' - I'm also on another school trip, climbing up a large hill in Surrey (probably the ONLY large hill in Surrey) on both Thursday and Friday (crosstraining!). I did it last year and it nearly killed me, so it'll be great to see how much better I can manage with my added fitness!

    Let's keep in touch re the 2nd anyway...... can't wait!

  • Wow, that's amazing! It seems that you're gonna rock at the 10k race :-) I can't wait to be able to cover that distance.

  • Great stuff; you'll breeze the 10K now, if you've already done it when you're feeling off. Attagirl !!

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