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Hey, so i've got to W9D3...and it's hard!! Although, it is probably due to the fact that I left 4 days in between runs....

So, i'm going back to W5 and working back up to get ready for my first 5K race on June 3.

So.....i'll keep this blog giving the update on my running....would like to run the 5K in 30 mins as my first attempt.


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5k in 30 minutes is really hard... I am just on the verge of graduating like you but i am a long long way from 5k. I run at 7kph, to get to 30 mins i need to run at 10kph. I can only do 10kph in small amounts....


I am so pleased to read this!! Was wondering whether my 5-30-5 plus another 2 minute walk to actually reach 5k counted. Today I walked at 7.2kph instead of 7 so it's improving I suppose. That's my next challenge - to up the pace by .1 each run and now I've said it in writing I'll have to do it. Good luck to you now you're so close.


I graduated today. What i am doing now is going right back to the beginning of c25k.

I have been reading quite a bit on how to up the pace. I would rather get faster at running for thirty minutes than be able to run slowly for forty five.

Interval training seems to be the way that you can pump up the speed. Which is essentially what c25k is up to week 6.

I know i can hold the 10kph for a couple of mins but no more. So, why not start off week 1 and do the sixty second intervals at 10kph? I will quickly find if the ninety second recovery is enough, eight time. If I can do it, it means i can do it twice more an then do week two.

My body has adapted amazingly well (amazing to me, i just didnt know it could do it!) to the original programme, there is no reason why it cant adapt to the higher speed.

C25K Mk II



Yes that's a better idea - good thinking. Also very well done on graduating. I have two more W9 to do than I'll join you.

Many thanks.


Maybe i should move my challenge to 35mins...


My graduation run was 5k in 39.44 mins, my next 5k I did a few days later in a Parkrun and did in 36.21. If I were you I would aim for under 40 mins and anything less is a bonus. :)

Good luck and let us know how it goes :) :)


Thanks! Sounds like a plan!

I, Cheryl, hereby challenge myself to complete my first 5K on June 3 in under 40 minutes.


this is the link to my Race For Life sponsor form if anyone wants to sponsor me....


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