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Run 2, week Six: Discovered muscles i didn't know i had!

Just completed run 2 of week 6 today, and i think i must have had my first bad run, in that i managed to complete it, but every step along the way was absolute agony, my back, upper legs, everything hurt. Guess it must be doing me some good, somethings growing, somewhere, lol.

I think part of that is that i did run1 and run2 within a day of each other, instead of taking a rest day, but wanted to get run3 in on Friday and have the weekend free to rest.

Feel really satisfied i managed it, but am wondering how run3 will be.. and how weeks 7, 8, 9 will be after that!

Decided not to worry about it though, and just be glad that i can now run 20 minutes without stopping, though i was grateful for the three minutes in between today.

The end of interval running, excellent.



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Ooh that is worrying! The only muscles I felt I had worked were my legs (and that was the next day more than whilst running). I did have hip pain once when running which I realised after was cos I was running fast (by my standards) on rough ground and going downhill for the first time.

I can only agree your discomfort was cos you didnt have a rest day, so be careful! What's wrong with running on a weekend anyway? I love my longer weekend run! But then I am a sad old fogey lol!


I too seem to have had a difficult run for wk 6 run 2, it felt like I was a plodding donkey! Decided to put run 3 off til next week as I feel my body needs the rest. Listen to your body, its not hardship if the course takes a little while longer. Good luck. You can do it.


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