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Loss of confidence

I haven't run since last Friday. I did a lovely "long" run on Bank Holiday Monday but the two runs after that were very hard work so I decided to have a break over the weekend. Since then, at least partly due to hormones etc, I've felt totally drained in the mornings, so that crawling out of bed and going to work has felt like more than enough exertion. I'm sort of planning to run in the morning - but I'm so worried that it will be disappointing that I'm close to talking myself out of it. On the other hand, I'm worried that if I don't try, I'll never get the motivation back. Confidence can be a fragile thing !

I think I miss having a set program to aim for, plus I've got loads of other stuff going on/jobs to do/s**t to sort....I know I should run as it makes me feel more able to deal with other stuff. Where has my "bounce" gone ? I really want a long lie-in.......

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sfb350 do NOT beat yourself up it is just life getting in the way and it happens to all of us at some point. why don't you go out for a short one tomorrow (20 mins) to ease yourself in and give you a confidence boost.

Definatley found it hard post graduation to keep motivation going when I didn't have any may be worth drawing up a 5-6 week plan so you know what you are going to do when (just like the 9 weeks of the programme). Do you have a goal in mind? run 3x a week for 30 mins, do 5k, 10k etc as that will help with your plan.

Will be thinking of you tomorrow and wishing you luck. I'm due to go out in the morning but as my legs are still v sore from last night (I am litterally hobbling) and it's my birthday I am giving myself time off.

Let us know how you get on


Happy birthday Ali!


Woop! Happy birthday!! :)


This seems to be common among graduates. I think you are right having a set programme really helps. It sounds like you have a lot going on just now and you are putting more pressure on yourself to have a "good" run. I put my running gear out where I see it first thing, have a banana and a big drink and log on to here for some motivation if I'm feeling iffy. Just getting out is an achievement and the disappointing runs make the great runs so much sweeter! But you know that already!


I definitely find having a plan works for me so I drew up a 12 week plan and am treating it the same as C25K, otherwise for me, without a plan I'd probably jack the whole thing in. Had a few bad runs myself recently but then a good one which mentally sorted me out.

Maybe when the new podcasts come out at the end of May you can use them as motivation?


Thank you all for the encouragement. I seem to have caught Better Half's Dreaded Lurgy now - woke up with sore throat and a niggly cough so I'm giving it a miss today, I'm going to dose up on vitamins and echinacea and hope I'm ok for the running "group" on Saturday morning. I'll put a plan together to start next week. It has been a bit of a hectic time recently - too many jobs to get done etc so I think I'll draw a line and make a fresh start :-)


I think you need a rest, a few days will do you good :)

When I hit that wall (which i have, numerous times) I have to run with someone or the wall just won't budge! Hopefully the running group will help you get past it ;)


Aw don't worry, I am also having one of those weeks, I am not even" hormonal" Just feel really tired and achey all the time. I haven't run since Sundays RFL and on Monday I went to the gym and cycled for 35 mins, nothing since :(

I think sometimes we just need a break, It's not a crime, just get back on it when you feel more able love :)


Dont worry about it you will find that ur better runs will out way ur bad ones. I guess it put ur bad ones to the back of ur head and think about ur good ones. They will give you the motaviation to do better.

You have got this far you can do it


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