Stumbling block and gremlins

Supposed to be going out to do week 6 run 3 but seem to have hit a stumbling block- any excuse not to go, do the dishes, sort the washing. I went out on Sunday and ended up walking, the first run I haven't completed since week 1! Felt so fed up with myself. Anyway, I've just read through lots of posts... And I'm away to put on my trainers and get out there!

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  • Excellent... Go go go!!!

  • Yes you can lol

  • Go girl! You'll feel better once it's done and the gremlins are squealing in a heap 😁

  • Go!!! 🏃Let us know how you got to beat those gremlins 😡and btw don't feel fed up - we all have bad runs 😀

  • Yay ! Come on Julie, lets do this thing !

    I was like that yesterday, I faffed about for ages, drinking cuppa teas and reading the paper. In the end I thought " Just do the bl**dy thing !!! "

    Ended up getting 4 PB's - Result ! :-) xxx

  • Four?! That's just showing off!! (well done 😉) x

  • Tee Hee , I know ! ;-) xxx

  • I did it!! I was determined to be able to reply with a positive so kept going. Thanks for your encouragement I feel great about facing the next one now 😍

  • Well done. I've just started W7 and I feel the same as you, "Do I have to?" I whine to myself but having told my wife to call for an ambulance if I'm not back in an hour I strap on Laura and head out. I find the opening music comforting, like an old friend, reminding me of several nights out on the road and it kick starts the brain to take those steps. Keep going!

  • You're right, I think the mistake I made last time was listening to my own music! I was out of sync without Laura 😂Much better with the familiar sound, even when I'm willing her to speak again and say I'm nearly finished!

  • Well done Julie ! That's another one done and dusted . You can do this :-) xxx

  • You sure can girl! Get out there and wring it's ruddy neck 😊

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