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Gone back to the couch, please kick my behind!!!

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What with one thing and another (mainly socialising ......oh and shift work!) I haven't run for 2 weeks!! Should be starting week 8 (2weeks ago!)

I need something to get my rear of this couch!!!!!


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Come on you can do this, maybe be worth repeating week 7 though before week 8 to see if you can manage.

The end in near and you just need to push those weary bones off that sofa and get going!

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did you want a tough talking to?... Or gentle persuasion?...

Look in the mirror and have a proper argument with yourself :) running you will win :)

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You don't need any one to say anything really do you?

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Think about why you wanted to do it to start with. I like reading about other peoples achievements, that motivates me, so carry on reading here or get a running magazine or there are some great womens running books in the library detailing starting from nothing to marathons, triathlons etc, ok you dont have to go that far but it makes you realise what you can achieve.

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Come on! What's all this talk about being back on the couch? Get your butt into those runner clothes and get out of the door! Don't you dare come back until you can look me in the eye (stare at the screen) and tell me honestly that you've done your run and you gave it your all!! Now go, go on!


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Those of you on weeks ahead of us set an example to those behind. We need you, so please get off the couch and run!

Poopysmate, I've been there. Several times, I'm afraid... But you CAN get back into the swing of it, and more to the point, you *should* - I know how easy it is to choose couch (or any manner of other things) over running, but I also know how great it feels to just get out there and do it. Some of my most rewarding runs have been ones I really didn't want to do beforehand!

I fell off the running wagon at Easter, and am happy to announce that I'm back on it now - and I feel SO much better for it. Join me!!

It's a rest day for me today, which I'm gutted about, as it's drizzling the light drizzle that cools you down nicely, and would love to go for a run this morning. I have to rest my pins though, am having a go at a 10k on Sunday, so they need to be in good working order!

Looking forward to hearing how well it went! :-)

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Good luck on Sunday and will get my backside in gear and go for it

Thanks all

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Consider yourself royally kicked up the arse! Get off that couch and get running! :)

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I did it!! After 2 weeks of socialising, working and generally being lazy (and scared of 28mins) I did week 8 run 1........it was great, comfortable and no stopping :-)

Incl the walks I did 5.3k averaging 7.36 min/k

Treated myself to some new running gear to celebrate !!!!

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