Couch to 5K

Well that's wk8 run 2 done!

Did the above run today and it was the best run for about 2 weeks. How long does everyone else take to settle into their runs? I find it still takes me about 10 minutes but once it does I am starting to have a lovely time! Thinking about life and the world around me, waving to friends in their cars, and actually running in the sun today!! Dont get me wrong it is still hard but its like a switch goes on-weird!! does anyone else get that switch on??? Or is it just strange old me? Sorry to go on but my hubby is getting seriously bored of me going on and on about running and is starting to get that glazed look every time I say the word "running" !! Not sure he knows where his sofa hugging wife has gone!!

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First 10 mins always a nightmare for me, but in my head if I don't go really slow I think I will never make it and burn out before the end.

My swtich on is 25 mins into a run!


Yep, about 10 mins for me too. I've heard seasoned runners call it the "toxic ten".

Mind you it used to be the terrible twenty for me so even if the ten never gets less toxic it is still gets to be fun sooner than it used to!


Yes! Me too Debssey, it's strange isn't it? It just suddenly becomes easier. I know what you mean about wanting to talk about running all the time too! Thats why I love it so much on here!


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