Couch to 5K


Was good :) Same as always really, not easy but not that tough either. By the end of the second rep of 3 mins I was glad to stop though haha. I am definitely running faster the last few runs. I don't think it could be classed as fast by any stretch of the imagination though, but I find going too slow is harder work. I guess it's all about working out what I am comfortable with. It was sunny today, so quite a few more people out in the park. I definitely go a bit faster when there are people about too, I don't do it consciously but it happens. My subconscious is clearly a show off ;). I find stretching at the end is always very uncomfortable though, anyone else? Cos of this, I tried some different stretches today. They were still uncomfortable, but I think that I also did them wrong as I am aching a little now. Maybe that's just because of the slightly longer runs though? I don't really know, but I think I'll go back to the original stretches anyway!

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well done, did my first run of week 3 and had trouble getting back out there with weather and work. Should be getting it done tonight.

Keep going :)


Great news! :)

Have a look on YouTube at stretching. I got all my stretches off there ;)


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