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Week 10 runs 1-3

Decided to blog after WI each week so I can put all the progress or lack of it in the one place.

Runs this week -

1 - 38 minutes -my own podcast

2 - 30 minutes wk 9 nhs

3 - 30 minutes wk 9 nhs - still only 4k so hope to do more distance next week

WI - half a pound off this week!!! it goes very slowly!! So since starting c25k means I have dropped 12 lbs in the last 10 weeks. Hoping to do better next week, .

I am finally getting my head around running for 30 mins without stopping - hoping to get the "big smiley confident face" this week. Need to lose more weight now to make the runs easier, also possibly need to add in exercise on the rest days - lets see what this week brings

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Sounds like a good plan, have you thought about intervals on one of the days? I do the week 1 podcast but fast run/jog and I think this builds up stamina and helps with speed - I think!

Congrats on the weight loss! :)


Thats great! sounds like you are losing weight the sensible way. Good advice from Minuette, will try that myself!


I was just emailing a friend who is very supportive with my C25K and said that I needed to lose a bit more weight to help my running.... just like you. I started C25K thinking it would help me shed the pounds - and now iI want to shed the pounds to help me run. A subtle but important change.


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