Couch to 5K

Bye Bye Week 2

Week 2 Run 3 complete today. Was a bit strange. i have had 2 days off and drank rather a lot of alcohol on Saturday night and also smoked quite a few cigs as well (I'm one of *those* social smokers, but think it's time to kick that too as it makes me feel absolutely vile the next day!) and the first run of the day my legs were protesting quite strongly, I wasn't sure if I would make it through. i did though, they stopped hurting after the second burst. I had the usual rough time between the third and fourth rep, and ran on grass today for the first time for the final rep. Not sure if it was the grass or the fact it was the final rep but it was tough!

I am finding that it's definitely becoming easier. Not easy at all, and I'm not pretending i am super fit now, but I do notice a small difference each time I get out. I also find that if I imagine my feet doing a sort of "roll" from hitting the floor to taking off again it hurts idea how that works but it seems to make me land slightly differently and flow better. I do talk rubbish haha, but I don't know how else to explain it!!!! It does mean i go slightly faster though which i need to watch, I prefer to be a snail and get it done comfortably than go to fast and feel like collapsing before I'm halfway done.

it's weird at the moment, I started at the end of term at uni so I was in a holiday and could pretty much run whenever, childcare withstanding. Now I find I have to slot it in between uni which means sometimes coming in from a day and literally walking through the door, getting changed and going straight out. i realise this is what most people do, but it is taking a bit of getting used to for me.

Anyway, bring on week 3, I am ready for you :)

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Way to go! You'll find fitting it in easier as you get more addicted to this running bug! Congrats on progress so far!


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