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Logging into the site from iPhone/iPad

I usually access the community from my iPhone/iPad as my laptop is on its way out, but 2 weeks ago I stopped being able to log in on my phone and today on my iPad. It will either take me to the home page without logging me in, or just keep returning me to the login screen. If I put an incorrect password in it refuses. It seems like it logs me in, then straight back out again. Anybody else having similar problems?

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Yup. After a period of time your logged in state seems to expire and you get prompted to log in again. You do so but it either loops back to the login page or send you to a page of search results.

If it happens, log in once then try refreshing the page or clicking either the Blogs or Questions links rather than the Home link. I have found that you ARE actually logged in, it just keeps showing you a not-logged-in home page which I guess is something to do with the way the iPhone's browser caches pages.



Hmm, just went to try that and it logged me straight in. Strange......


I had this issue a few weeks ago and I emailed the helpdesk, they sent me this reply which worked for me and so far it's not happened again:

Unfortunately we are having issues with Safari, sometimes it caches cookies and prevents users from signing in, which is why it affects your iPhone, iPad and now MacBook. You can clear up the issue by deleting cookies, you can do so from settings app on iOS devices, or following these instructions to clear this in Safari on your Mac: We are looking into this issue, and are trying a variety of solutions to overcome this problem. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Hope this works for you too :)


Thanks for this Minuette. I have had problems too and it is really annoying!


I've had the same problem, it's frustrating!


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