Logging in/registering the app

Hi All.

With week 1 under the belt (dead chuffed!) I started to look ahead to week 2 - and the app is asking me to register or login.

Trouble is, when I try to register it tells me my username/password are incorrect - like I'm trying to login. I've tried the forgot password option with all my email addresses in case I previously registered but haven't been sent anything. Tried to register on the website but that just seems to be a newsletter signup.

Am I missing something? Am I going crazy?



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  • Which app are you using exactly? The NHS one with the really bright colours (yellow/green/red)? I can't remember having to log in on that but it was a while ago.

    You could try the podcasts (I started off with the app but found the podcasts much more reliable in terms of timing, especially in the later weeks). I would recommend them.

  • It's the NHS Change4Life one - bright yellow. I can't see it on the App Store any more which is odd.

    It's got the podcasts with Laura built in and shows a timer and progress chart which can be useful sometimes so I'd like to keep with it if possible.

  • The NHS have replaced their app (and Laura) so I fear you may be out of luck :(

    You could use the podcasts as Sarah suggests, and run a GPS tracking app alongside to log your progress. Or try the new app :)

  • Ok. That's the one I used although sounds like it has had an update as there was no progress chart in my day! I can't see it on the App Store now either... How odd. Sorry, I don't know what to suggest as I can't download it myself!

    Just a word of warning that the timer on the app can be unreliable in the later weeks (week 5 onwards) so keep an eye on time of intervals yourself too if you have a watch. That's why I switched to the podcasts! Others I spoke to had the same issue. Good luck!

  • Why not use the podcasts? I've had no bother with them and if you download the one you need you don't need data coverage to play it which is great when out and about and it's unreliable in places.

  • The app is just the podcasts with a progress wall so you can keep and eye on how you're doing. I don't need data to use it.

    I could just use the podcasts but would prefer the app if it's still an option.

  • Ok thanks everyone. I did download the app a while ago and it has taken me ages to start it!!

    I've got a Fitbit so recording the details of the run is fine, so I'll download the podcasts and do it that way.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  • Enjoy C25K, and keep us posted!

  • I recommend the podcasts! Most people think the music is naff (except me who quite liked it!) but Laura comes up with really well timed advice and encouragement at exactly the point you feel like you need to stop. You'll also get to join in all the forum in jokes about the rubbish music and when Laura calls you 'a runner' it is a pretty proud moment!! :)

  • Thanks Melly.

    That's one of the benefits of the app actually - I can listen to my own music which quotes when Laura speaks.

    Sounds like I might not to be able to do that anymore...

  • I like the music so far (just week 1 & week 2 so far) apart from a very odd jaunty acoustic guitar tune on week 2, neither classical nor rock or pop, just.....jaunty...!

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