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Post-graduation slackness

Since graduating almost 3 weeks ago, I am embarrassed to say I've only run twice. The weather, a heavy cold and a social event has meant I've slacked right off. Went on a short run yesterday, but with my long-legged 21 year old daughter, who can't run as far as me (yet) but boy, does she run a lot faster....... Losing my mojo a bit and this awful weather really isn't helping.

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It's not helping is it? I came home from work today, meaning to go out for a run and just couldn't face it.

At least you've been out a couple of times and keeping it 'ticking over'.

Hopefully brighter days will be on the way and it'll make us leap up and want to run!


You just need to get back into the swing of things - hopefully the weather will soon improve!


You'll soon get back into it! Think you might have to consider running in the rain tho! It is fine once you get going - I recommend a baseball type cap (wouldnt have seen me in one of those before running!) to keep the rain out of your eyes!

I found I lost a bit of oomph a few weeks after graduating so signed up for a 10k (I did one 5k parkrun first) and downloaded a training programme from Runner's World. That has kept me motivated and I haven't missed a run since, apart from a 10 day break due to a chest infection.


You and me both! Since graduating I have had really painful knees and a dreadful cough. I still have both although the knees aren't as bad as they were :)

I have been out a couple of times but not for a solid 30min run, more fun stuff. Have also been to the gym twice.

I am thinking of going back to some intervals to start with more for the knees than anything else. Hoping that then I can get back to 30 mins quite quickly.

Maybe the new podcasts will help us keep it up when they come out?


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