Couch to 5K

Week 5 down - tired but happy:)

I think i did pretty well today, for a fat guy.

So tired, but in a good mood, after completing my first every 20 minute no stop run. Even when i was slim, and at school, i never ran this long, so like a lot of people i am sure, really feel like i achieved something. Wk5 Run3, dusted!

I may have pushed myself a bit too far in terms of pace today, i needed far longer walking afterwards to cool down, much more than the five minutes. I actually walked another 10k today, my mind was so restless and my body so geared up, i decided to make the most of the sun here today.

I live behind the national space centre, and the canal system and water mead country park in this area is really nice to walk around. Feel really shaky though at the moment. Am sure i can handle wk6 runs 1-2, but a little worried about the 25 minute Run at the end of the week.

i have entered into a 5k for Anthony Nolan trust next month on the 17th, so i have motivation to get through the programme,

And am looking forward to getting my shiny graduates badge:)

i really enjoy reading the posts on here, so wanted to share my experiences so far,

Take care all.


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Well done you! Iam a week behind you so glad to hear of your achievement. Beginning to think we can do this! You can run 20 minutes - woop!


Hi Holly,thanks a lot for this, just read it and it made me smile, thankyou:) i guess by now your on wk5? how are you finding it? just done my week 6 run2, and am quite sore!


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