I feel iam part of something fantastic!

Hello everyone. Iam writing for the first time although I have been stalking this site since I started! Iam now ready for W4R2. Iam probs one of the larger ladies and iam going to be 49 next week. I have been quite overwhelmed by what I have achieved so far and the support that is generated here. I have completed every run and allowed myself the odd whoop when I stop at the end! It certainly isnt easy and I could probably be overtaken by a walker but Iam beginning not to care! My very attractive overhanging tummy is shrinking and best of all I FEEL LIKE A RUNNER (tho I may not look like one yet)! Oh and I have signed up for Race for Life or should I call it Shuffle for Breath?! Thankyou for being here for me. X


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24 Replies

  • Welcome :) and well done for getting so far. If you feel like a runner than you most definatley ARE a runner!!!!!

    Keep posting and let us know how you get on

  • Thankyou AliB1 - my first ever blog and first ever reply. Iam in the gang!

  • Well done you, it's not easy with extra weight. I am too trying to loose weight and the more we loose the easier it will be to run. I just did week4 run 2 today, I think this is the turning point for me. (Well it is half way through the programme). I have a can do attitude now. I have run today to convince myself that the first run was not a fluke and that I can manage week 4.

    Have a lovely birthday and enjoy this wonderful community, I have found it amazing.

  • Thankyou Mrslazy! Go us! I will keep an eye out for you on here. X

  • Welcome, what a lovely post!

    I turned 50 last Aug, joined WW and lost 2 stone 4 then started this programme in late November (cos so many other people on the WW online boards praised it) and have lost another 2 stone since (and lots of inches) so although they say losing weight is about 80% diet and 20% exercise I can definitely say that doing the programme has kept me motivated (and has also helped me lose cms of my derrierre!). Happy birthday for next week.

  • Thankyou Deryn61! I too am at WW but have been there so long Iam no longer "in the zone". Hoping this will give me a kickstart! X

  • I hope so too, I know running is really helping me chose healthier foods (most of the time lol!).

    Andrea x

  • Welcome Holly0. I too am on WW (since Jan) and have been doing this programme since March. It's hard with extra pounds to carry, but I can't believe what i'm achieving with this programme and am now on week 7.

    I describe by 'running' as a "slow motion jog"!!! :)

    Keep it up


  • Thankyou mummy2runner! love the slow motion jog! Week 7 - wow what an achievement! X

  • Yes, i feel so slow sometimes im going back. I upped my speed for one of my 25 minute runs, i kept the higher pace for about ten minutes the rest of the run was pure exhaustion.

    I would love to go faster, but the functioning part of my brain tells me that pace will come when im ready and a bit lighter (35 pounds down since i started though).

  • Wow that's a huge difference! I bet you really notice it in your running!

  • Welcome x This is a lovely friendly forum and it is full of fantastic advice and support. Keep us informed x

  • Thankyou Debssey. Iam hooked! I will think of you all next time Iam staggering down the lane! X

  • And smile while you run! It works :)

  • Hi HollyO i'm a year younger than youand also carrying extra weight, i have just finished week 4, did run it 5 times, due to one thing or another. However the pounds are slowly coming off for me and each week my breathing appears to get easier, i run with another lady who is older,fitter and faster than myself so im always running behind her, but that doesn't matter the important thing is we are both achieving and both feeling great. Good luck next week

  • Thankyou Icandothis -WECANDOTHIS!! X

  • It's great isnt it? It feels so empowering that you can achieve so much control over your body and your mind.

    Ten weeks ago the idea that i could run for thirty minutes non stop was utterly beyond question. A mountain to climb, something to add to me 'to do list' along with swimming with dolphins and beating up hippies. But not something that was actually achievable.

    My confession is i absolutely hate the running every tendon, every muscle every bone in my body is screaming stop, and i just lalalalala to it and carry on because i know, that following the programme my body is fully ready and able to cope with it.

    Every week is a step harder than the rest, but your body compensates so it just feels like a new challenge.

    Now if i had only listened to Laura properly and not tried to jump from 28 minutes to 33 minutes i might not have slightly injured my knee putting me out of action for a week.

  • Wow - 10 weeks of running! I cant imagine 28 minutes of running, or beating up a hippie for that matter! X

  • well done you x

  • Good on you HollyO - this programme really does work. And learning not to care about whatever speed you are going is part of it. Whenever I go slowly (i.e all the time!) I convince myself that the runner who zooms past me is just doing a short burst and that I am clearly at the end of a very long run. All nonsense of course!

  • What an achiement so far holly, keep up the good work!

  • Thankyou all you lovely people for your encouragement! Its great here isn't it!

  • Im a lurker too, haven't posted but have done a couple of replies. Im 48 next month and 5 stone over weight (have lost 3 already), I have just started week 6. Didn't think I could do it but here I am still doing it. Good luck we are in it together, WE CAN DO IT!!

  • Who would have thought it?! You must be feeling great. Iam even starting to feel a bit big headed! I will look out for you. X

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