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W6R3 - I'm a runner!

What a beautiful morning for a run. I didn't sleep very well thinking about what was to come so I was up and out bright and early for a Sunday.

What can I say? It was tough mentally. Breathing was fine, random aches in different places at different times and I did my right shoe up too tightly which annoyed me on and off all the way round. Towards the end I had the urge to speed up just to get it over and done with. Of course, this was my fevered mind playing tricks on me - speeding up is not going to make 5 minutes go faster! Did speed up for the last minute though.

I'm a runner!

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Yey!! Well done to you, amazing acheivement :)


I'm starting WK3 tomorrow and a bit nervous about it but your post is a great inspiration! And I love the bit about speeding up to make the time go faster... thought that was just me who wanted to do that! :)

Well done on becoming a runner!


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