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WK8R2... Done!

Phew! I was losing confidence a little last week, I went along to watch the local running club in action and was mightily impressed if not intimidated by the speed they were going at! And, they were wearing shorts!! Oo no!! Not for me, not yet anyway!

Got my mojo back today though, I took an easy route, all flat, laid off the alcohol last night and drank water instead and it paid off. I didn't get as tired and managed to run for 30minutes instead of 28! I covered 4.3k so I'm well chuffed!

Great start to the day!

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Shorts?? I'm not quite at that stage either!

Glad to hear your mojo is back and that you had a good run this morning! :) Your distance for 30 mins is great. Bet you will be smiling all day :) :)


Thankyou! Yes, still smiling!


I did mine this morning too. We've matched each other all the way through, looks like we'll metaphorically cross the finish line at the same time.

Well done on the extra two minutes. Show off :-)



Ha ha! Thanks Duncan! Good to have a virtual buddy!


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