On Week2Run3 and my knees hurt...what to do?

Hi there everyone,

I'm really happy every time I run--afterwards, usually it takes a little bit of doing to get me out the door--and one reason for this is my knees hurt, especially the left, and the left foot and ankle. I have proper running shoes, went to Runner's Need and was fitted so that I would be sure to have a good fit, but am wondering about the pains?!

Is it just the beginning running that cause these and soon I will become accustomed or is this something i should be looking into and finding out the problem?

Thanks for your help!

(I'm sorry to cross post this from questions, but I would like some more input and more people seem to read the blogs. Many thanks for your response!)


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16 Replies

  • Personally I go back, explain the problem and get them checked.

  • I read a lot about injury last night and am hopeful it is just muscles not having been used for a very long time! But I will check everything.

  • I wouldn't ignore it, especially if it's getting worse. What about a knee brace? Orthotics in your shoes? Dr. Foot specialise in these. Gentle exercise in between runs to strengthen your muscles, swimming perhaps?

    It does take a time for your body to adapt, hope it gets better soon x

  • I will definitely check orthotics too. It's important to get this right I think to prevent injury. Thanks for replying x

  • I had a simular problem with my knees on weeks 2-3 but after that it just went away, it's more than likely because your using muscles your not used to using and your joints need to strengthen. A physio friend said I just need to stretch double what I was doing before after my runs. Goof luck

  • Thanks Harvey I hope that is the case. I did a lot of reading last night on knee problems in running and think it may be due to weak muscles and not stretching.

  • I really ached in my shins/knees and hips in the first 4 weeks, then it got easier! If the pain is "hot", does not lessen after a couple of days or gets worst then maybe get it checked out though. Also lots of stretching after runs helps me. After a while I got to know what was muscle ache and when I had actually gone too far...hopefully you will feel better soon!

  • Thanks for replying, maybe they are just aches from beginning to run...

  • While not wanting to encourage you to ignore persistent pain, I must add that I had unpleasant knee pains in the first few weeks of C25K, but they disappeared once I got used to the running routine. I should also add that I had knee pain/stiffness BEFORE I started running, but it has actually got a lot better since I've been exercising them regularly. Mine were certainly stiff/painful up till about week 5 or 6. I also do lots of quad stretches after my runs now (grab your ankle and pull your heel gently back to meet your bum). This really seems to help.

  • Thanks for this...I'm going to try stretching this week and see how it goes...

  • I had knee pain after 4.1 and iced, stretched, took painkillers and faced 4.2 in some pain and doubt but tried anyway. Bad move as I was in too much pain to complete second 5 minutes and had long walk back in pain. Iced and took painkillers but haven't streched yet due to pain.See what tomorrow brings, perhaps I need to rest for a bit. I have AS so perhaps that's the problem ot just too old for this.

  • gosh, i hope it is okay...let us know how it goes...

  • Thanks Kathycullen. No still painful, and cannot even walk far. It is strange because did 16K on the stationary bike with no pain but still hurt like mad when I rose this morning. Not swollen either. I was so enjoying the runs eventhough it was hard work. I have researched and think this could be tendanitis. I am wondering if the road camber has done it. I will resume as soon as pain has gone and can walk the course pain free while continuing with stationary bike and stretching. Seeing Rhuem nurse on Friday so will see what she says.

  • It's good that you are looking into it, to know what is going on. We must take care of ourselves!

  • my knees were hurting so much only managed 2/6 90 second runs (wk 2) .... I have not been stretching as "Laura" did not tell me too - I will give them a rest for a few days and then make sure I do some stretching next time I try to run :(

  • As someone mentioned above, my knees stopped hurting around week 4 or 5. I did start strecthcing some and had very good shoes, so i think it was a matter of my knees and muscles geting used to it. Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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