Couch to 5K

Must go to bed!

I'm hoping to do the week6 run3 in the morning, so as usual sabotaging myself by staying up late. I think my legs are getting a bit toned, definitely more muscle in my calves but my tummy is getting bigger and now I have developed a second tummy! I have started hoola hooping this week as everyone says it's brill for tummies, but it's not really fair, I am sort of walk/running three times a week and getting bigger. I have cut down massively on my chocolate consumption and am eating a bit more fruit and still have to drive all the way to work before my trousers are stretched enough to do up! Perhaps I'm getting menopausal? I'm sure running should help my tummy (ies!). Maybe once I start doing longer runs it will change, I really hope so. Think of me in the morning, it would be so nice if it didn't rain, just this once.

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My tummy expanded too for the majority of the programme, it's gone down a lot since about week 8. Maybe it was water retention or something? I don't know, I just know it doesn't last too long ;)


It wasn't until about week 6 I started losing weight, and by limiting myself to 1500 calories a day I am losing around 2lb a week now. So far I have lost around 2 inches off my waist in the last month. As you create more muscle, you raise your base metabolism to support it. It will come off, in time


Seemed at bit strange but for a while it seemed like as the muscles underneath were all tightening up the fat on top seemed to get more noticeable not less! now I'm doing half hour runs its reducing down albeit very slowly but definitely a reduction!


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