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11 days to go

11 more runs/ cycles and i'll be finished the 5x50. Looking forward to a wee rest for a couple of days, it's been a bit of a long hard slog. And I must admit I did count an hours grass cutting as a workout once...... Hey it's hard work pushing that beast about.

Mondays run was great, jogged very slowly for 45 minutes and done 6k with no headphones or music or wires to get tangled up in, just a very enjoyable slow jog looking around at the birds and the bees and the cute wee lambs in the field.

Tuesdays cycle I stayed on the driveway, cycling up and down until I got to 5k not very exciting but my bright coat was in the wash so didn't want to risk going on the main road as it's meant to be a 60mph road but apparently it's actually a racetrack !

Today was interval running went back to week 3 of the original podcasts for this as I found week four a bit too hard. So 90 seconds of slow running followed by 90 seconds of steady running and so on. Was tough and I had to revert back to a slow jog a couple of times before time, but got through it. Weirdly though it was only 4km covered in 30 minutes. You would think with faster running I would cover more distance quicker, but apparently not when I do it. :-)

Had a busy day yesterday done 26km according to the jawbone up. 3 hours of grass cutting, and every muscle in my body is aching today. got another 2 hours to do in a moment... The joys of having your other half with a trapped nerve... Although as I write this the rain has come on... Maybe il get out of it. :-)

Going to have a look at some yoga workouts online to use for a workout one day. Never done that before so will give it a try. All that stretching might be beneficial. Generally when my body needs something i get the incline to do it, even though I don't know why.

So that's the first half of the week done. Roll on the single figure countdown. Yippee :-)

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I'm exhausted just thinking about what you've done recently!! Well done bikergirl.


Thanks, dan the man. :-)


Phew you must be getting so fit - it all sounds exhausting! Have you actually enjoyed it or has it become a bit of a chore? Well done you.


It is. I need a holiday :-) i have enjoyed it a lot, i think that its just about the right length of time, its long enough to be a challenge but any longer and i think it would become a chore. Its a great idea and deserves much more recognition and publicity. I raised money for the RNLI for it which is an added bonus. Will defiantly do it again :-)


Wowee - well done:-)


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