Couch to 5K

So very nearly there!

Up earlly this morning, lovely sunny day to start week 9. Set off well, always have a wobble before I hear that I have completed 5 minutes, not sure why but just geet a feeling i can't do it but relax once 5 mins is up! Did a different route today due to my normal route still drying out after the rain. Did 30 mins and felt fine even felt that I wanted another short run after a walk as I finished up farther away from home that I expected! So did an extra couple of minutes to get me home quicker. GPS says I managed 4.89l so am very pelase with that. Onwards to the end now!

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Wow congrats! I get a bit like that during my warm up walk too :)


That is wonderful! The first bit of a run is always tough - even my 7 times marathon running sister who is superfit finds the first 10 mins hard, like her legs just dont want to "play"!


that gives me encouragment!


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