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Nearly There

I could easily have been persuaded not to run this morning, feeling more tired than I expected after a round of golf yesterday, 5.2 miles carrying a bag of clubs and a few glasses of red last night was probably not the right approach to this mornings run. However, ignored the program and ran for 35 minutes, distance including warmup and down was 4.7k, the extra 5 minutes was run a bit faster and was feeling it at the end but felt it was worth pushing harder for a bit longer, nearly there.

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Should have said that was W9R2.


Go for it Paul - How exciting - have the Red after the graduation run not before :)


well done...thats fab :)


That's excellent! Well done you, we'll see you with your badge very soon no doubt!


It's ALWAYS worth getting up and going for a run if you don't feel like just because of a heavy night/day.

Don't overdo it - you want to be sure you make it to graduation.. nice shiny badge..

:-) x


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