Couch to 5K

W9R3 - so close, but I will get there on W9R4!!

Well I did W9R3 on Sunday morning, and I stuck to my usual route so that I knew exactly what to expect... 30 mins is 6 straight lengths plus a little bit at the end - and I had done it 3 times during the week already - and this should be nice and straightforward.

Warmed up fine.... started the run fine .... got to 5 mins fine... 10 mins not so fine... got to 15 mins and was walking (I told myself it was just for 5 mins - just a little recovery walk) .... unfortunately I just couldn't pick up my feet and run, the tank was empty this time, so I walked out for the rest of the podcast and made my way back home reflecting on what had happened.

I'm putting it down to low energy levels - I put in a belting run on Friday evening and probably hadn't left enough time to fully recover & certainly did not have the right kind of food during Saturday (plus Sunday I was running hung-over which didn't help) ... in other words & after 9 weeks of this, I have still got a lot to learn about running.

So here is to W9R4 - plenty of rest, plenty of fuel & no alcohol mid-week... and see how I get on next time I'm out.

On the up side, we went out for a walk Sunday afternoon, up through the fields (5ft high nettles) and through buttercup meadow past all the horses & foals - I had previously wondered about doing that as a short route, but it's way too overgrown for running... and too many stiles and gates to be that I wouldn't have a good pace....

Happy Running everyone.

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Feeling for you matthew ... put it down to experience and remember you HAVE done it twice already so the next time after the very sensible preparation you are making you'll be claiming that beautiful shiny green badge.


Thanks I know that I can & therefore I will do it next times out.

I'm blaming the bananas. I have usually had 2 or 3 each day since starting, but last week didn't have many at all - so there - it's their fault. But yes - a bit of rest and let my legs get used to it.

Oh - how's the nose now?


Definitely without a shadow of doubt it's the bananas. We always have half a large one each before we run. I'm sure I couldnt do it with out!

The nose is almosty better...except when I bend over it drips slightly....not blood though thankfully (tmi?). We're going to do a tiny run on Weds morning just to see how I am. I felt quite weak last week but much more my usual self this week. Will my legs still run though I'm asking myself? I haven't run for 14 days :-(


Sounds a lovely walk. Im still covered in nettle stings and bramble scratches from walking through our neighboring fields and forests, the joys of the countryside. Dont beat yourself up though over a bad run, like you said hungover and eating the wrong things. It does affect you, my best run was the day after eating really healthy food loads of veg, might of been a coincidence but probably not. Rest up and good luck with your graduation run. youl do it no bother, you know you can, just look at your times you had recently. X


and ours used to be a lovely little walk too - I blame that recent warm spell we had a week or so ago, made everything just spring into life!

... anyway - I know there will be times when I have bad runs, it happens - but in my own way I know I was pushing just too hard earlier in the week. Still - lesson learned as they say, and yes I was pretty gobsmaked about the times too - maybe next time less speed !!

thanks again


Definitely the bananas! You've done so well it can't be anything else....!

Next run you'll be a graduate and you'll have forgotten this bad run.

Good luck! :)


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