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W8r1 - are we nearly there yet?

After all the excitement of the last few weeks I forgot to post the results of yesterday's run. Back home and back with Poppy I decided to go for week 8 rather than repeat the last run of week 7. I would aim for 25 mins then keep going if all ok.

We set off fairly early in the day to catch the sunshine and avoid the showers. Poppy had already been on a 30 min run with my daughter the day before and was muttering about needing her day of rest. Fortunately the carrot for her is just that, a carrot as a reward for her run, something to chew on and leave on the floor for the rest of us to trip over. With the promise of her veggie treat she took the lead and set the pace. Verrrrry slow.

We headed for the hills and we were kind of getting into our stride just as Laura said we'd been going for 5 minutes and should be doing just that. Not exactly a stride, but a slow jog as a fellow dog walker asked if we were keeping each other fit. I do hope so, but the scales are yet to show any progress and I've been a bit despondent about that. As I slogged along behind Poppy I wondered if there's a c25k equivalent in the weight loss world? The music was jingling in my head when I realised that we were not alone - we had company, and it had bells on. I looked behind and there was a small fluffy white dog. I looked in front and there was the familiar smaller fluffy white dog. I could hear another noise besides the music, a voice calling in the distance "Come back! Come back!". We did a U-turn and our white shadow followed us back to its grateful owner's care. We couldn't stop to chat, Laura had urged us to keep going and even up the pace if we felt ready. We didn't feel ready but we did keep going into the final 5 minutes, final 1 minute and we'd done it. Week 8 run 1 is ticked off.

At this stage I can see that we'll be nowhere near 5k by the end of 9 weeks, but I do hope that we'll get to 30 minutes and be able to claim that nice new 'Graduate' badge.

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Isn't the new graduate badge a shiny new carrot for us?! Only 4 more runs until I get mine :o) And I'm very excited because tomorrow I'm going for gait analysis and maybe some super-duper trainers!


ahh the C25k pied piper but with dogs :)


Ah, running with dogs, it's a different ball game. Ever tried picking up the poo whilst maintaining a jog? Or running with an arm behind you waving a piece of ham?


Yup. Got both of these down to a fine art. Extending lead and run round in circles while Poppy gets on with what she has to do, then do a weird type of rain dance while tidying up. Have suitable poo bins marked on the map and a supply of bags in my pocket. Treats have to be small, dry and appealing, have yet to take squeaky toy with us but fear it may be necessary by week 9 ...


Glad it went well, I must say Poppy must be getting really fit with all the activities your family take her on.

You are so nearly there, I hope you continue blogging once graduated.

How is your husband now he knows your secret?


I'm nowhere near 5K yet either, that will be what I'll be concentrating on next. Not long now till you get your badge! :)


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