Couch to 5K

Knee questions are the order of the day!! Woke up today with a pain on the outside right of my right knee, how long should i rest?

I probably overtrained it. I completed week 7 and did 28 mins instead of 25 mins for my last run, all well, yesterday on my first run of week 8 i hit the twenty eight minutes and knew i could go more so i ran for thirty three minutes.

The ache feels as if it was a bruise, the pain isnt huge just an annoyance, on the outside of my right knee maybe slightly lower.

I hope just leaving it a few days will be sufficient. Any advice out there?

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Ooooh you were naughty ;)

Seriously, it only sounds like 'a few minutes' but it seems to make all the difference to our bodies and it's so easy to overdo it and hurt yourself.

If you rest for three days and then see how it is...hopefully it will be fine by then.

A special ICE pack for joints (or frozen peas in a tea towel) will really help.


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