Couch to 5K

Week one completed :)

I have not run for many many years despite running cross country in my teens. 30 years later I felt that I really should do someting to improve my fitness and the spreading waistline! I have now done my three week one runs and am scared of week two already!! As I ran Monday, Wednesday and Friday do I start week two on Sunday or wait til Monday?

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Welcome to the programme and good work with week one.

Personally I have tried to run every other day but a few times I had two days between runs due to working away or other commitments, and I had to take a whole week off between three and four when I was on holiday. I don't think mixing up the schedule like this has done any harm at all, so I'd just go with whatever works for you as long as you always take one or two days off between runs.

Good luck for week two.



Thanks Duncan, may run on Sunday then as I have too many committments next Friday so that will fit in nicely :)


I do mind on monday, wednesday and saturday only because of life, those days work best for me! Completed week one today too.... Not very sure about week 2 either.

Good luck, I hope it goes well for you!


Thanks well done you too for completing week one. Maybe thats what I should do just stick to certain days and then I will have no excuse!!


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