Couch to 5K

Crippling outer ankle pain (L)

Been running for about 8 weeks, have run 5k last two weeks, went out last night ankles started feeling sore, then couldnt run on left one.

No swelling, area easy to pin point (just above ankle bone) cant weight bear.

RICE last night, support and bed rest this morning.

Can stretch foot forward but pain when raising toes to knees. Really upset, have booked to run my first 5K in two weeks.........

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Oh dear, if you are limping or struggling to put weight on it, get straight to the doctors. Try and keep your weight off it until you are in less pain and continue to RICE through out the day, maybe about 5 times for 20 mins or as long as you can bear!

Is this the first trouble you've had with your ankle?


Thanks for answering.

Its much better today, can weight bear with less discomfort. Sat around all day yesterday and as advised riced it regularly too.

It is the first time I have had problems with my ankles, and I think looking at my running, for the last couple of weeks because I have been doing 5k I have stuck to the same route, which I hadnt been doing prior to that.

Am going to get gait analysis as soon as I can run properly again.

Mostly just depressed cos I cant run..............


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