Warm up advice needed, can anyone offer any advice?

I'm starting to think about the coming dark nights and cold and i'm a bit worried about how i'm going to get warmed up. I've managed to plan a route round my estate which is just 5k so im ok for street lights but the other week when i went out and it was really cold i really struggled to get warmed up. Also as my routes only just 5k i'm struggling for distance to get in a warm up walk. I have a cross trainer and i was wondering if it would be possible to do a warm up/down at home on that and then head straight out? Anyone have any opinions or any advice it would be greatly apreciated. Thanks

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  • You can do anything for your warm up it doesn't have to be walking. I sometimes do star jumps or run up and down the stairs if its cold outside and it does the job. I'm sure your cross trainer would be perfect.

  • Ha! I too did ran up and down the stairs on Monday when it was 7°C outside. Then I went out and walked up and down our driveway for several minutes, popped back inside to dump my sweatshirt, and was ready for off!

  • Yep I do the same, oh not the star jumps but walk up and down the drive a bit and around the block. I'm sure my neighbours think I'm a bit batty these days!!

  • I take 5 minutes to do a series of star jumps, lunges, and squats to warm up, then get out and start a very fast walk or slow jog depending on how awake my legs are. I got into the habit of doing this over the last 3 winters before going out power walking. Will have to start wearing gloves again now

  • I wear a light but very cosy zipped fleece hooded jacket whilst I warm up and then I take it off and tie it round my waist whilst I run.

  • Brilliant, thanks for all your replies some great ideas. Looks like the cold weather can be beaten (o:

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