Couch to 5K

Does anyone have any knowledge of the ParkRun 5K envents held on Saturday's throughout the country?

I'm on week 7 just now and hope to finish and graduate for the second time in another couple of weeks. Completed C25K last year then had sciatica problems which left me unable to exercise for a few months, so here I am doing it all over again. I'm a lone runner at the moment and don't want to join a club (too old) but heard about the ParkRun and wonder if anyone has any experience of running with them anywhere? I'm NE Scotland and there is a venue near where I live too.

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Well done!

You are never too old to join a running club! Or form one of your own lol!

Re parkrun, I did the Cardiff one a few weeks after graduating and loved it. Was really nervous as I am a very slow runner.

Told myself I would probably be last, got a bit worked up when about 85% of the field left me standing (average age about 30 yrs younger than me! average bmi about 12 points lower than mine!) but got lots of encouragement from the marshalls and amazed my self as I was 6 mins faster than my faster 5k training run! And was last but two!


Hi Deryn61, well done on finishing the C25K and what an amazing result you had when doing you 5K with ParkRun.

I thought I would give the Aberdeen one a try once I've finshed the C25K which if all goes according to plan should be just over 2 weeks time.

I'm finding I'm a good bit slower than I was last year when I did this, I think its having had such a lot of pain with the sciatica that I have greatly shortened my stride, so I'm working on getting a longer stride once I'm well warmed up.

Good luck with your running, its one of the best things I've done in years, exercise wise that is.


I've done 2 Parkruns now in Edinburgh, even though I'm only part way through C25K. Although there are some serious runners the atmosphere was very welcoming and the marshalls who are volunteers supportive and keen to encourage everyone.

If you are unsure I'd watch your local one and maybe try walking the course or doing a podcast on that route some other time. Also look on the website it will give results and give you a feel for times overall and others of your age and level taking part.


Fo venues near you -


Hi I'm from Aberdeen too and have been thinking about doing the parkrun (although its at the beach not park :)) - I've been keeping an eye on the results the past few weeks and I have to say they scare me a bit, about 90% are 30mins and under! It seems to be quite a small one compared to others that have up to 300 people taking part.

My 5k time is around the 35min mark so I would defiantly be at the slower end.

I was thinking about doing my first one on the 26th May so if you think you'll be ready by then you're welcome to join me :)


Thanks very much guys and girls for replies. I think I'll have a wonder down to the beach and see for myself first. Being an older jogger I don't have the confidence to run with others, never having had the opportunity before either.

The plus side of running at the beach is its almost flat, the down side is the weather, its soooo exposed down there.

Will maybe get signed up Rose885 but would expect to see nothing other than you disappearing into the distance on your young legs!!!!!


Judging by your latest blog post you are doing really well speed wise, you're already half a kilometre ahead of what I was doing at week 7, youth isn't everything!

I'm sure like most things it's never as bad as you imagine, I will report back after my attempt in a few weeks and let you know :)

P.S I wonder why they do it at the beach, there are plenty of nice parks in the area?


The beach is a very strange place I agree, its so exposed in the winter. I live on the doorstep of forest walks in the Hazelhead Park area which would be lovely. There are ups and downs but you can't always run on the flat. I can only assume its a parking issue, also that the bus route is perhaps better too.


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