I'm on the verge of giving up on the idea, can any techies help?

I'm trying to get the NHS C25k the green starter one, not the orange 5k+ one but can't for the life of me get it done. I've tried a couple of ways by downloading to my PC and attaching the 'phone. No joy, You can supposedly download it direct but when you tap it it says you need Flash Player but when I downloaded that, it wouldn't work.

Finally I tried BeyondPod but when I do a search for it, it shows up the + one but not the one I'm after.

Any ideas?


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  • What are you trying to download it to, is it an iPhone, if so you can upload from ITunes store to your music library.

  • No, a Samsung S3. So frustrating.

  • I suspect that Flash has become the default program to open music files. Google for how to change it on your model.

  • Thanks Delores but I tried the direct download onto different 'phones and neither worked.

  • I should also say that I only downloaded the flash player because my first attempt to download the podcast didn't work.

  • There'll someone somewhere who has done something similar, and has posted about it. Google your model + cannot transfer music, or take it to where you bought it and ask for help.

  • I've just had a look and Google found loads of forums. Also try using the word podcast instead of music.

  • As I said, it won't download to two different makes of' phone.

  • Hi Fingalo

    I too had a nightmare trying to get this to work. I have a Galaxy S2. I had to download the C25K onto my computer and then plug in my phone and sync it, once you have done that it will be in your files in music.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

  • I got as far as loading them onto my PC, connecting my 'phone and dragging the files across, however although when I look at my 'phone on my PC I can see them in the 'phone under 'podcasts' when I try to find them on the handset they're not to be found, letv alone played. Perhaps I didn't sync it? I'll try again when I get home this evening.

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys.

  • I also have an S3 and like you I downloaded the podcasts to my pc then used Sugarsync to send them (wireless) to my phone. Then couldn't find them but then found them tucked away in a playlist on the music player - check your playlist just in case the same has happened to you.

  • Right folks, a breakthrough, albeit a minor one. I can now find them on my handset, however when I tap to play them, it says "no apps can perform this action".

    Any ideas?

  • I went to this page: nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/couch-5K... and downloaded each file separately to my PC desk top. I connected my HTC desire android phone to my PC and connected it as a "disk drive" (option on the phone) rather than "synching" it. When I select "computer" on the start menu of my PC (windows 7) my phone appears as a "removable disk (F:)". Clicking on that, with a bit of investigation, I was able to identify where my phone stores mp3s I dragged the C25K mp3 files from my PC desk top to the directory on my phone where I keep my MP3 tracks.

    From what I've read here people have had problems when treating the files as podcasts. I found it very straightforward when treating them as ordinary mp3s

  • You're well named! Assuming you didn't convert them at least now I know it can play WinRar files, I thought that was the issue.

  • By jove, I've done it!!!

    Downloaded an app called Androzip and it unzipped all the files I'd loaded and now they play.

    Once again, thanks everyone for their help.

    Now I've managed this, I reckon the actual running will be a piece of the proverbial.

  • Step 1. Running shoes on

    Step 2. Music earphones in lugs

    Step 3. Open front door

    Step.4 Way to go

    See, simples, well OK getting the Podcasts wasn't that easy for your phone so very well done for not giving up, good luck with the running now.

  • Not so fast!

    Step 1. Convince the missus that suddenly taking up running isn't going to give me a heart attack within ten yards.

    Step 2. Buy shoes

    Step 3. Follow Oldgirl's steps.

  • If you are that determined over the frustrating techie stuff you'll find the programme a synch.

  • I certainly hope so.

  • Glad you got there in the end, well done.

    Enjoy the program and let us know how you get on :-)

  • Well done for your persaverance. All the best for the running

  • Cheers guys. Looking forward to getting started now. I think Sunday will be my first run after I pick up some trainers on Saturday. I don't want to splash out a fortune initially, best bet is some cheapo's to get me on my way and then a running shop or?

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