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C25K equivalents for other activities?

I'm now in week 8 of C25K and absolutely love this programme! I regard it as some of the best money ever spent by the NHS, and can even understand the choice of music, considering that the use of most "proper" tracks would simply have cost too much for something that's provided free of charge (copyright law and all that).

But I also own a bicycle (no, not a fancy roadbike, just a typical hybrid) and would love to get going on that, too, as an alternative to running once I've finished the C25K programme. Considering that running isn't right for everyone, e.g. those with existing knee problems, wouldn't it be great if the NHS could also produce a beginner's programme for cycling, as a low-impact alternativ to C25K?

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I've been trying to find the same thing myself! I got to Week 6 and then succumbed to a knee injury that I am still working through. I think I will try using the C25k podcasts on either a stationery bike (or elliptical) later this week as I haven't managed to find anything else online. Not sure how well it will work!


I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work - sounds like a good idea to me !


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