Hi all you runners. The poster that was sent to NHS Choices for approval has been given the green light, so we can start distribution.

The pdf poster can be downloaded from dropbox.com/s/2qjzosbbpw0o6...

We can print off copies for display or attach the pdf to emails. I have composed a covering letter/email, for use if sending to GP practices.


In these times, when NHS spending is at full stretch, when the news is full of "statins for all", bariatric surgery for the obese and the fact that the  incidence of dementia can be hugely reduced by regular exercise, it is only right that the NHS publicises its own jewel in the crown, the NHS Couch to 5k running programme. This simple training plan has totally transformed the lives of thousands who have undertaken it, aiding weight loss, improving mental health and well being, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure and removing individuals from the pre diabetes category. Participants have been amazed at their progress and the positive impact on their daily lives. Those who never liked exercise are hooked by the rewards that fitness returns to them in just a few weeks of training.

 The programme is backed by a lively, inspirational and hugely supportive online community on the Health Unlocked C25k forum, which has displayed its enthusiasm for the programme by producing and distributing the attached PDF poster/information sheet. We hope that you will find a space for this in your waiting areas and that you will pass on the information sheet to any patient who might benefit from developing a regular exercise habit.

 NHS C25k is free to prescribe but will continue to give benefits to your patients for many years to come. It changed our lives, please help others to do the same. The pdf version of the poster can be found at dropbox.com/s/2qjzosbbpw0o6...


Feel free to send your own covering letter or alter the above and indeed tell your GP about your own experience, but I would suggest that you keep it fairly brief. In the first instance it is probably sensible to send this to the practice manager, although GPs and nurses are our real targets.

It would be good if this post could be pinned.

Let's get postering.

Ianno da Truffe


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47 Replies

  • Brilliant news. Will take a poster and a covering letter to the GPs tomorrow. Great work m'dear, you really drove this one through!

  • Great work, Ian and thanks for putting this together. Let's get those posters out there. First one will be going up on my works notice board ;)

  • That is great news IdT, I will distribute asap! Thank you for all your hard work on this and for not giving up- it is great that this fantastic programme can now be promoted further x :-D

  • Well done Ian! Is it your poster they are linking in with the win an ipad competition ??

  • No, it is the HU one which doesn't seem, to my mind, to have decided on its target audience. But what do I know......

  • Great - well done. I also got the Health Unlocked posters & t shirt in post today. Will Definitely pass both on to practice manager but also the Health Promotion Team as well.

    Hopefully it will be a pinned post.

  • I've just turned it into a jpg and shared it on facebook. Great stuff, let's get cracking!

  • How did you do that?? Personally, I think that distributing this via facebook is probably more likely to reach a wider audience that paper based posters.

  • I used a photo manipulation program (like Photoshop), I actually use GIMP which if you're unfamiliar is an opensource (free) program, it opens the PDF and then I just export it as a JPG.

  • Great news and well done for your perseverance. I will take it down to the docs this week along with the healthunlocked poster. Thank you.

  • RFC, could you pin this post so that we can direct people to it when needed.

  • Done.

  • Well Done IDT, you have done a cracking job with this one :-) xxx

  • Congratulations Ianno, job well done :)

  • Oh nice work indeed IdT, very well done you! :-)

  • That's fantastic news Tim...well done you :) All your hard work has paid off....brilliant !

  • Brilliant! Well done for your hard work and perseverance. I'll take this to the surgery this week.

  • Excellent work, Sir. I too shall do some distribution and spread the good word of C25K and this brilliant place. :-)

  • Should I practise my autograph? ;)

  • News conference at 8.02 tomorrow morning............

    Thanks Linda, we have lift off.

  • Gosh, how exciting!

  • Sorry......joking......

  • Well done, and thank you, IT. You've shown that there's yet another thing C25K teaches you - perseverance!

  • Brilliant - def passing on to my GP surgery.

    I'm more than happy to be a champion for c25k :)

  • you are amazin, well done on your perseverance and dedication to the program x

  • Thank you so much for sticking with it :-)

  • Congratulations. I work in a health centre so will try leaving a pile in our waiting room. Will also see if I can track down someone at the health authority to pass this onto the practice managers. I agree they are a better starting point and can take it to staff meetings.

  • This will be going to my GP and also be made available in our shop. We have an A3 printer so will be going big and bold....

  • Congratulations Ianno, brilliant job

  • I'm on the case Iannoda!

  • brilliant... I work with alot of GP's and I will distrubute...well done!!!!

  • Is that General Practitioners or Gentlemen Panthers JuJu? ;)

  • Well done. Will see if I can put one up on the healthy living notice board at work

  • Brilliant! How exciting. Does that mean I get an excuse to visit my hot running Dr?!?!

    Seriously though, great work, I'm sure it will make a big difference to other people's lives like it has to many of ours. Really worthwhile

  • That's great! I think it really captures what the programme and this blog are all about. Well done.

    Is it one of the pinned posts so we can find it again?

  • Ohhh, just went to my GP yesterday. If i had seen this earlier would already be up there. Still, will print some to keep handy if I need to go there again.

  • sent to my practice manager :)

  • Why do so few of my local surgeries have email addresses? I wonder what the cheapest way of printing them will be - not on my printer, it guzzles ink.

  • Well done Iannoda. Will print a few off and take them to my own GP surgery and contacts I have in Health Promotion. So pleased to be able to do this.

  • That is great, I just wonder if I can print it and give it to my GP here in Ireland ?

  • Well done. I will take one along to my GP surgery and wll also display in my shop. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  • This is excellent news. You stuck at it & got a result. Impressive.

  • Having recieved my posteH & t shirt today I have to say your poster would have made me want to check the program and forum out, the poster that came in my pack not qt all. I will use your version. Many thanks

  • Bear in mind that the C25k poster is just for this programme and community, whereas there are 500+ other communities under the Health Unlocked banner. It is Health Unlocked in general that we are supposed to be promoting, not just C25k, which is why I have asked for more information from HU about their core purpose.

  • Yes I agree with Totalbeginner, their poster doesn't say anything at all about what the forum is for even...nor does the t-shirt comet to that. Who IS HealthUnlocked exactly? Are they in fact affiliated at all with the NHS?

  • Ianno, this is excellent, thank you so much for pushing this through. I think it's great and will walk it down to my local Surgery tomorrow. So chuffed. Nick

  • Well done Ian that's a great idea, this programme has worked wonders for me and I fully support it.


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