Couch to 5K

Man down....lingering ankle injury :(

I am gutted. Had just done week 6 run 2 and since have not been able to run for a week. I don't remember landing funny or twisting ankle but it's swollen and painful and has got worse over the last few days.

I had my gait analysed when it just started hurting and I over pronate. I bought some new trainers but haven't even been able to use hoping they will work miracles!

Don't think I'll be able to run til next week at earliest....where in the programme should I back track to? Anyone else had this?

Am also really worried that the small amount of muscle I have built up will turn back to fat quicker than I can blink....anyone recommend any other exercise while I wait for this ankle to heal??



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I asked a similar question, i only missed a week due to a sore heel. Well, today was the first day back and i was able to beat the 25 minutes i had achieved and hit 28!

So no, there's no physical degradation over such a short period. The C25K programme seems to be so outstanding in how it takes you from nowhere to 30 minutes running in just over a couple of months.

But your body normally changes over a much longer period of time, not going out for a couple of weeks might be a mental challenge, but not a physical one. The rest might do some of your joints and muscles a bit of good after getting so far so fast.

i wonder if the experts on here can say how long it takes to undo the good from c25k. Ie. how long would you have to leave it before your body started to revert back to pre c25k levels of cardio and muscle development.

So say you finished c25k, with a thirty min run, and stopped running full stop, what would be the likely time before you couldnt just get back on and do the thirty mins again?


Good question Gazier, I had to have almost 4 weeks off running due to injury, surgery and sickness (just not my month) and my first run after all the time off was a 5k fun run. I ran it in 32.40 minutes, not as flash as i could possibly have done without the interuption, but still quite reasonable. I think it takes a while to revert back to pre c25k fitness levels, even with no exercise...


Kitty i would definitely give it a go at the last level you ran. You may surprise yourself... as long as the ankle is up to it of course!


Thank you....that's amazing that you did that after 4 weeks off! Inspirational!


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