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W2 Done. Roll on W3

Despite the best efforts of a couple of dogs who thought it would be a fun game to try and trip me up W2 is done and dusted (minus the faceplant). Wahoo! Apart from a bit of a twinge in my right shin generally feeling not too bad (and a lot better than I did after W1), W2 was not particularly easy but ready to tackle week 3 - although those 3 minute runs seem a bit daunting at the moment.

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Ditto - I'm about to nervously embark on wk 3 too! But we've got this far right?! We can do it!!! Good luck :)


Agreem they seem quite scary but was happy with how I felt at the end of the 3rd run of Week 2. If I dont do it the first time I will get there on the next one or after that.

Good luck,


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