Couch to 5K

"If it's not raining, it's not training" and other such words of motivation

Dave should just stick to assisting with pedestrian crossings :) (refer to Sat 5k blog)

Man up wet pants, suck it up buttercup, dry your eyes princess, but you'll be pleased when you've done it, Saturday might have been a fluke... (the last one got me out the door)

Hmmm. My poor body could of done with another day of rest... but no... another 5k run it was... and yes I'm chuffed :)

I'm going shopping before my drive back to Lincolnshire to see if I can find a running rain jacket I like and will fit me and a baseball cap as I borrowed one and the peak over the glasses really helped in the rain (I'd have baseball caps in the same shock purchase category as leggings ! :) )

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Woohoo Lincolnshire....I am also from the shire, not far from Lincoln. I think Laura should shout some of those inspirational words of motivation at us. :)


I've never run in the rain, so hats off (baseball of course) to you!! :)


Ha ha, see that was tantamount to a double dare!


We are beginning to know how to motivate you young Bxster!

Though I am a bit fed up with the rain now, I am getting all mossy!


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