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Invest in an ice pack before you start

I have just realised the power of the ice pack. Well in week 6 I did and I'm now on 9. It could just be a picnic block wrapped in a towel but when I had a sore knee I found one in the freezer we bought in boots months ago for hubby's bad leg. It just fits its own case and moulds to wherever is tender. Now I know we have it if I have an ache or tender part I just use it and it really helps.

I think it's a invaluable aid when running and usefull for so many things

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It's not something I've tried before but I know my boss uses ice packs when he's had running injuries - his sports physio recommends it. Thanks for sharing the tip.


A bag of frozen vegies (peas work great) will stand in for an ice pack in a pinch...plan to eat the vegies for supper...a win/


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