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Useful advice required before I get started

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I am a larger lady very much on the wrong side of 40, 50 is fast approaching. Never ran in my life, in fact use to hate games lessons at school with a passion. However, my husband has joined on here about 3 weeks ago and he has said how supportive you all are.

Everything is starting to hurt (knees, lower back and neck). In pain constantly and popping pain killers like sweets. The most exercise I get is walking to and from my car and around the office - roughly about 7,000 steps a day. Weekends is nothing as I don’t really go anywhere.

In the past I have joined gyms gone for about 6 weeks and then like most memberships the other 46 weeks the you sign up for never get used. So it is now to try something a little different.

I do own trainers that I have never worn. I know that I need to do something before it is too late. My intentions are good, but it is the doing I need to complete.

So as a complete novice, what advice would you give me in getting started.

Thank you x

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You and I could be twins ! I’m also approaching 50 and am so overweight that I’m literally carrying a second person (I call it Ethel !)

First, well done for coming here in the first place. Change takes courage. You clearly have it.

Second, this is not school PE. Yes, I hated it too. But here nobody will shout or snigger at you. This is the most encouraging and helpful forum in the universe. Whether you’re happy, tired, struggling, worried or confused, people here will be right here with you.

I’m not in a hurry to get to 5k. I gave 1:1 my best shot and was horrified at how unfit I am. Like you, I manage my daily activities, so I didn’t realise how little I’d manage if pushed! So at the moment I’m repeating week 1 on a loop, doing my normal pace for the walk and a brisk walk for the run. This is building up my pace and fitness without breaking anything, and it’s giving me time to learn about useful things like posture and breathing, which will pay off later. Once I can jog the runs I’ll go on to week 2. The secret to enjoying this process is finding your own pace. So it may be better not to run with your husband every time ? Great that you’re both doing the programme though, and that he’s encouraging you.

Basically what I want to say is, get out there, go as slow as you like, repeat as often as you like, and have fun doing it. We’re all right behind you. Happy running !

Thank you for your advice. Unfit is not the word for it. I don’t use stairs as I would need oxygen at the top of them 😳

Many years of good living have taken their toll.

It would be nice to buy clothes that the size don’t start with a 2.

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ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to ScaryPussyCat

Oh I do so agree ! This programme will definitely help. I’m only 2 weeks in but my fitness has definitely improved. Just take your own time and you’ll learn to enjoy it x

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Trust the programme, it really does work wonders. Well done for even getting off the couch and making a positive change to your life 😁

Are you going to run inside or outside? I really enjoy outdoor running and go past other runners of all ages and sizes and every one of them is awesome in my eyes! But no matter where you run, be proud of yourself and remember we all felt self conscious at the start.

Take it very slow, it's perfectly fine to repeat a run or a week if you need to and this forum is amazing for support and to celebrate every achievement. Good luck 😀

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I have wanted to be able to run pretty much all of my life but I’ve started and given up so many times is uncountable. I’m almost 43 and I started this 6 weeks ago and I’m not going to lie it is hard both physically and mentally. I tried this as an attempt to take my mind off of stressful parts of life and for me it has really worked. I feel the best I’ve ever felt. You will likely have ups and downs but that’s part of it. You will only find out if you give it a go and the minute you walk out of the door you’ve already done more than you would have. Be determined, give it your absolute best, breathe and enjoy xx

Welcome :) You've had some great advice already. I would just add that (if you haven't already) read the guide to the programme under the pinned posts; it is full of good advice. Also, it takes time to develop good new habits so you need a bit of discipline to make sure that you keep getting out there 3 times a week. People sometimes wait for the elusive 'motivation' to take them out the door. It rarely comes unbidden, you need to commit to the programme... Good Luck!

Last time I joined a gym really enjoyed it, but got the flu 6 weeks in and never got back into it. I think the first time is going to be hard as it is the unknown that we fear. Once the tubes are on in my ears and off I go there will be no stopping me.

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Welcome to the forum.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

This programme is designed for people like you and really works.

Your trainers may be appropriate for the first few weeks, but most trainers are not proper running shoes, so you may need to look at them again, if you stick with it............which of course you will!

Enjoy your journey.

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You're off the couch and sound like you really want to do it. As everyone says, take it slow, repeat as often as you need but do push yourself a bit. It's amazing what you can do - sometime at the start of a run I feel exhausted but if I resist the gremlins I push through to complete the run. Late 50s and running 5K - who knew I could do that! You can too and the weight will drop off but more importantly you feel so much better.

Just in the process of digging through the bottom of my wardrobe looking for trainers. I could be out and about within the hour. I will post on how it went 😖

Firstly, welcome and congrats on getting in touch with the big community of C25Kers.

I will not write masses of stuff, but merely point you in the direction of a Youtube video. It's called, 'running for my existence'. Have a tissue to hand, and be aware that the start is a little slow... but it does show what can be achieved.

Good luck, and enjoy.

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Well done for starting! This programme is amazing!

So much good advice on here already.

My advice. Go slow. Very slow. And then slower! Run as slow as you need to to complete the runs. Drink lots of water. Get proper running footwear. And go Slow....!

Good luck! 👟👟🐌🐌🐌😁

I started yesterday, tried to run 3 times, toes hurt, sounded like a steam train and the 3rd attempt jogged but ran out of puff. Walked the whole time though 😛

I was working it out that it is probably 30 plus years that I last ran when on a hockey pitch waving my stick about.

Since then I smoked for 31 years and gave up 27 months ago. However asthmatic.

Not going to give up, want to jog at least 100 metres. Going out tonight for a walk, but it a trot comes along so be it.

I am in no more pain than normal - knees and back hurt all the time.

Looking forward to get home and get my trainers on

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Well done for starting, honestly that was the hardest thing to do. Make sure you have a rest day in between runs. It's really important to let your legs recover. Let us know how it goes next time. Slow as you can..!! 🐌🐌🐌😁

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