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So when did you start/

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I am trying to lose 40lbs and am very unfit. Have lost 12 lbs so far and am proud of that. Trying to get the courage together to start C25k. So when did you start? Were you as overweight as I am? My BMI is about 26 and I am 43. Should I just diet for longer (loss of 1 lb per week on average) or start the program now?

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you could always just start by walking and walking a bit faster in the run bits (others started this way) if you don't quite feel ready for the runs. the programme is fab as you can take as long as you need to complete, repeating weeks as you go along.

I had about 35lbs to loose when I started back in January. To date only lost about 16lbs but am running at least twice a week. The rest will follow once I get my head back into the game of healthy eating!

Good luck and let us know how you get on


Hi jrwtc well done on loosing 12lbs so far that's great.

I think just go for it and start now, you can go as slow as you like it's not a race.

I started again last weekend for the 2nd time, due to injury. I am doing W2R1 tomorrow. I too would like to loose about 40lbs, my BMI is about 29 and I'm 53.

Good Luck


When I started C25K my stats were as follows:

Age: 46

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 120Kg

BMI: 36.9

Fitness: 0!

(Actually a little worse than this as I started recording my stats a week or so into the programme).

I graduated the programme about 4 or 5 weeks ago and my stats this morning were:

Weight: 83.6Kg

BMI: 27.2

I have changed my diet (with the use of the website), run three times a week, cycle once at the weekend (about 20 miles) and go to the gym for about 90 minutes three times a week.

For me, I had got to the stage where a back injury (and my extra weight) was making standing from a chair difficult so I had to do something and quickly.

So, my recommendation is give this brilliant programme a go (after checking with your doctor of course).

This site is full of people who have changed their lives thanks to C25K. Perhaps now is the time to change yours.

Good luck (and congratulations on your weight loss so far).


Go for it! It's worth finding out whether exercise is your real weight loss trigger. For example, dieting does little for me but I put on a stone over a summer of lounging about and not a lot of change in my diet.

I'm not totally new to running but I did fall out of the habit last year and I started C25K last week. My BMI is between 21-22 and I'm 19 so I'm trying to get into the habit early! Best of luck, and don't rush it - nothing worse than being set back by your own will.


I was nearly 28lbs over weight when I started C25K and at 5'1" tall that was a lot of excess weight to carry around. I had already lost 12lbs but began to feel I needed to do more. So I started C25K last August (2011) had to stop after completing it in January due to injury but got back in late April and graduated again in June this year. I'm now at my target weight and have been since August, maintaining it is not easy but so far so good.

I would say check with your doc first then if OK to go ahead take things slowly, listen to your body. Any questions then ask on here there will be someone who can help I'm sure. Good luck.


I was about 3 stone overweight when I started (having lost 3 stone with WW) in Dec 2011, I am now about 1 stone overweight but so much more toned and fitter and happier. Check with your doc is good advice.

I was walking a lot before I started (had bought a pedometer and was doing at least 10,000 steps a day) so that might have helped as I had no nasty pains whilst doing the programme (as you would expect I did have very tired legs, and my glutes knew they had done some work but that is to be expected,especially in the beginning but no real pain or injury worries (crosses fingers!)


BMI in the obese range, age 45 and no exercise whatsoever when I started c25k. BMI now down (just!) to overweight range. But in spite of relatively modest weight loss I feel so much healthier, fitter and happier thanks to C25k. It did take me 3 weeks to finish week 1 and feel I could move on. My advice - take it slow if you need to, listen to your body and go for it and never put off ANYTHING until you have lost weight! :-)


I was in the morbidly obese range when I started. I'd lost 35lb before starting back in August. Have lost 21.5lb since starting but still have about 50lb to go. I finished the programme last week. So no, you are not to overweight


Go for it. I'm 50, still with 3 stone to lose, but people have started asking me if I've lost weight and my uniform trousers at work have gone from a size 22 to a size 16. Too old, too fat to do it? No way. If you don't, this will be the youngest and thinnest you might ever be! Take it easy, and trust in the programme - I bet youwon't regret it.

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Thank you all for answering. I read your replies last night and found them very helpful. Set my alarm for 6 this morning and headed out with the company of Laura. Walked briskly and ran a very small amount as I felt that even if out and walking better than lying in bed.... Can see that I will need to repeat week 1 but I enjoyed being out in the dawn and feel that I have taken the first step. Next trip with Laura on Tuesday. I am going to do this and come spring I am going to do a 5k park run!


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