Can't seem to finish wk 7

I did run 1 of wk 7 exactly a week ago and just can't seem to Bring myself to do run 3. I am just so tired. I do have a lot of foster children here for these 2 wks and they are sapping my energy and will to live. I know if I run I will probably feel better but also have the complete fear of failure that if I don't complete those 25 mins even very very slowly I will throw in the towel completely. I don't know what to do just go for it and see, have a real or do a tiny 10 min run.


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  • I know those days where it seems that there is no energy inside my and I'm thinking I can't possibly run. But running gives me energy rather than drains me, so I suggest you really try to convince yourself to get out there.

    Perhaps make a deal with yourself that under the circumstances, it is okay to throw in a walking break in the 25 minutes, when Laura says you're half way, if you need it. You might not need it but it might help you get out there.

    If you do take a walking break half way, it is not to be considered failure. You will just do run 3 again when the foster children are gone and your life is back to normal.

    You have come so far now and you will get there if you keep trying. Don't give up. There is no failure in trying! Tie those shoes - off you go!

  • Hi Tombenoly, I'm behind you on the programme so not really qualified to say, but I'd get out there to repeat a run you've already nailed to boost your confidence and then go on from there. Good luck, whatever you decide to do, make sure you get out there x

  • You've come so far, there's no way you're a failure. Just put on your shoes and get out there, not as part of the programme, but just as a gentle run to clear your head and have some time to yourself. Even if it's only 10 minutes at the most snails pace ever you will feel refreshed - and you might even manage the full 25 mins. But if you don't just come back to it a few days later. Or go back a week. Whatever gets you out there - but without pressure. You can do this!

  • I agree with the others, and would go with JaySeeSkinny ; just go out, and see what happens. A gentle no pressure jogette as our Irishprincess , calls it.

    Just focus on, ..." oh I will run for ten minutes and see how I feel, than I may walk a bit..." that sort of thing...or like me... sing a song in your head, make up a rhyme.. anything to take your mind off the pressure you are feeling :)

    How you can even begin to use that 'F' word, doing what you do, and achieving what you have... tut tut.. ( cross teacher voice) :) Come on!

    "The only f******, is when you say, i give up"... and you are not going to do that, are you? xxx

  • If you Foster children you are already a Hero to me! Just go for a run with no expectations, you never know you may get into your stride and do it. It's an amazing feeling when you do, but some days it just isn't happening and when that's the case, so what, you had a run and that's a good thing. Bad days are there to make the good days even more amazing. Sending you strength, you will do it!

  • Hi, I've just seen on your other post that you did it- amazing effort to push yourself to get out and go. I am due w7r2, (well I was due on Monday!) but I worked 12.5 hr shifts on my feet on Friday, Sunday and yesterday and just feel sapped, my lower legs are like lead. I usually run every other day rather than 3 times a calendar week as it fits my work pattern better, but this is the first time on Monday I just could not force myself to go out, despite telling myself what I've read on here lots of times- you won't ever regret going out on a run (even a short or not great one), but you will regret NOT going out. I do regret it and that's what I hope will spur me on to go out tonight... after I've done my uni homework, all the kids clubs are finished and I've made my nieces bday cake- I will think of you, and remember how much easier (haha!) next week will feel when I have a less crazy week at work and home! Stay positive, you are not a failure in any way!

  • Just take it slow with no expectations anything I managed was a bonus in my eyes. We can do it but when we get out of routine we feel that it's all too much. This week I ve had a really busy time with my foster children with other kids who have been here having a hard time so needing to support them aswell last night I was part of a recruitment even at a local costa coffee so had lovely drinks and cakes which made me feel even less like going out! The weather does nt help although I have to say being a bit cooler did make it easier. Just take it real slow I was actually laughing at how ridiculous I must look as it felt as it my feet were hardly moving but then I got I to a Stride I was comfortable with and it turned out OK. Now I feel I could do it all over again!

  • So it's true what they say- running gives you energy, it doesn't take it away? Absolutely right on the routine, and when you are exhausted it becomes much easier to listen to the tired-devil on the shoulder shouting "don't go", rather than the energised Angel on the other shoulder whispering "go for a run". Good luck with w8 πŸ˜€

  • Why not go out for an 'unscheduled' run with no expectations and just see how things go. If I am feeling unenthusiastic, I tell myself I can just do a short one today - inevitably, once I get started I end up doing the whole thing.

    I'm full of respect for you fostering kids by the way - let alone lots of them. No wonder you're tired! But at least you would get a bit of time to yourself....

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