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Week 4 - Confidence and a Thank You

And that's it for Week 4!

Lucky for me I managed to get home from work inbetween rainfalls and had a dry run. Even though I took the same route as two days ago, MapMyRun tells me I ran 200m further. Hm, what switching the sides of the road makes...

It went really well. At the beginning I was feeling a light stitch but told myself to suck it up and run as long as it's not too bad. I followed Laura's breathing advice and the stitch dissapeared after a while.

At the end of the first 5-minute run I realised, that the voices in my head have become much more confident. They tell me: "You did 5 minutes already! No need to shy away from the following 3 minutes!" and I believe them. I KNOW I can do 5 minutes and I KNOW I'm not going to collapse afterwards! With the 5 minute run/3 minute walk "test run" next week, I think I'll be fine with 8 minutes. I feel much more confident than two days ago!

I'm still looking forward to every run. So far I've definitely succeeded in what I wanted to achieve with this programme: Get out of the house (without moaning and bitching...), get fit, feel much more relaxed and happy (!).

And because of that: A big THANK YOU to Laura, this community and the people behind the programme and the podcasts!

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A great upbeat blog. It is a wonderful programme for improving lives. You will be fine as you know. :)


Well done you, its strange how we all feel benefits beyond just the physical fitness thing, the relaxed and happy vibe is such a bonus


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