So as some of you may recall I graduated on Easter Sunday, but was running just 3.6km in my 30mins. Last week I repeated a week 1 and a week 4 and ran 33mins on Saturday.

Today it was gorgeous weather, I had time and inclination, so I loaded up the iPod with "cheesy running music" did my laces up and started off round the harbour (its 5k and you have to do it because there are only two bridges!!

It was a mental battle, I really really wanted it, for the first time I used my tracking app to tell me av speed every 5 mins so I could focus on pace!

I ran and ran and kept running! Didn't stop when someone asked me directions, didn't stop when I crossed paths with some friends (running in opposite direction) and I finished it!! 43mins. 7km/h!!

Job done.

I'm literally bouncing!! Plus it's my birthday tomorrow so what a way to celebrate!!!

If you're reading this and you're chugging through the early weeks - keep going!!! Just do it!! If I'm truly honest I was never 100% sure this day would come!!! If I can do it anyone can!!

Thanks for all your encouragement which has got me this far!!!

Anne-Marie :-)


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24 Replies

  • congratulations :)

    & a very happy birthday for tomorrow X

  • Congratulations!!! It's such an amazing feeling when you achieve the big ones isn't it....Your post has made me remember exactly how I felt and the smile I had the first 5k I managed. I'm smiling thinking about it!!

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow :)

  • Well done Anne-Marie and a very happy birthday for tomorrow!

  • well done and enjoy your birthday.

  • Well done ,very inspirational ...and Happy Birthday!

  • Your happiness pours out of the words :) Happy birthday for tomorrow.

  • Should we have a 'Masters' badge for those who achieve 5k in 30 minutes whether it is at the end of Week 9 or week whenever?

  • Ha ha maybe -I'm still a long way off!!

  • Brilliant news and happy birthday for tomorrow!!!

  • Fantastic!! Well done!! Happy Birthday Anne-Marie! Have a great day xx

  • I'm very impressed that's fantastic and inspiration for me to do my first 5K :)

    Plus - happy birthday!!! :)

  • Yay!!! Go for it!! You'll know when you're ready!

  • Thanks everyone!! Got the day off for my birthday!! Been chilling and eating choccies for breakfast!! Hee hee!

  • Have a lovely birthday and bask in your achievement! Thanks for sharing your story it really does help keep those of us you are chugging along about the half-way mark going!

  • Well done. 5k at 7k/h!

    Enjoy your choccies!

    Doing w9r2 tomorrow and will probably cover about 4.2k!

    Nearly there.

    Well done again!

  • Very well done and happy birthday !

  • That's fantastic, well done you ! :)

  • Well done, and happy birthday!

  • That is great. Well done and Happy Birthday to you. :)

  • Well done - enjoy your birthday.

  • Congratulations and happy birthday. Thanks for sharing it is really inspiring!

  • congratulations well done

  • WHOOP DE DOOP - what an achievement. Many congratulations! Plain sailing from here on in ...

  • Happy Birthday and a huge congratulations for rocking the 5km.

    Please share your cheesy playlist with us :)

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