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The start! Very apprehensive but hopeful! Not sure how to feel if I'm honest! =S


Well I managed W1R1 Tuesday night, I was absolutely shattered and felt like I was going to die & my legs were going drop off! As I am overweight & extremely unfit!!! But I did it!!!! =D

I was disgusted/disappointed at how hard it was for me, but I was very surprised & happy that I'd actually managed to complete it! I know it's early days as I've only done W1R1 but it's a positive start at least & has spurred me on to keep going!

I am a very negative person so I am reluctant to believe it will be possible for me to progress week to week & actually be able to say run (jog) for 30mins or so non stop, especially in as little as 9 weeks or so! Is it really possible to get that fit, that quick??

But I am trying my best to be very hopeful!

My main challenge I think is probably willpower & motivation.

I just hope I can do this!!!!

I really appreciate how supportive & encouraging everyone is on here!!! Thanks!!! =D Xx

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Well done for starting - I'm sure that's the hardest step! I'm only half way through w2 so no expert - but honestly, I am loving it and could possibly already be addicted to this running lark. And I can assure you that I too am totally unfit, and very overweight, but I am managing to do it! You will be surprised at the changes you will see in very little time I am sure. From what I have read, it is possible to successfully complete the programme in the nine weeks, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with repeating weeks either until you feel comfortable and ready to move on. Go, go go - you CAN do this :) Good luck and keep us posted!!


Well done for completing the first run at your first attempt. That is really great and a fantastic start. There are many of us on this program that were very unfit to begin with. As you progress you will begin to notice all sorts of positive changes. I love the increased energy I have in my day to day life, and the rapid improvement in stamina. You'll begin to notice the difference when you start week 2.

Keep with the program, dont worry about 'weeks' if that feels like pressure, view it like stages. Many people repeat weeks or individual runs, depending on what's right for them.

Have faith in the program - it's aimed at people like us that havent exercised in a long time. You'll find you start to develop a more positive attitude to your running with each week. If Laura says you can do it - YOU CAN!!! Good luck.


Lots of people don't manage to complete the first run so you are already ahead. Yes its entirely possible, I am doing it and lots of other have done it, you just need to dig deep, keep going and trust the plan. If you are not happy to move up to the next week then just repeat a week or a run. I have not had an issue with progression when I stick to the plan and I currently live on 527 cals a day and am 2 stone overweight.

Good luck and you can do it.


Woop woop, congratulations on finishing your first run! :D

It might seem incredible now, but it's definitely possible to be running 30 minutes within nine weeks... progress might seem slow at first but the important thing is to stick with it and don't get discouraged. Good luck!


We have been there with you and all believed like you we would never get there.

prove it to yourself and others, you can do it.

Well done first run out the way, many more to come.


Never thought I would do it, but here I am on wk 6 and still going xx You will do it just believe you can. I remember the early days, the first week was the hardest, but you find with the following weeks your body comes out of shock and you get into a rythm. Treat yourself, I bought some running trousers and a new top and you will, I guarantee become addicted!!!! good luck and head up xx


Very well done ! We've all felt unsure at times and starting is a big step. Trust the program and you will get there. I only graduated this week and I'm amazed at the difference the past nine weeks have made - not just being able to run for 5km, but I'm a lot more positive than I was, cope better with stress and, although I've only lost a few pounds, other people assume I've lost more. I think you'll be surprised by how quickly you become addicted to running and if you have any moments of doubt, just post your worries on here and you'll get heaps of support and encouragement from people who have been there and who want you to succeed so you can feel the same buzz and elation as you meet and complete each challenge that the program brings. :-)


One run at a time! As others have said, you are already doing really well having completed the first session first time out - I certainly didn't. Most of us are testament to not needing to believe that you can actually do it - we just did it and find ourselves surprised.


I'm known for starting things and not finishing them, but it's really possible. Just take it one step at a time and keep telling us all how you're doing. I made a pact with myself to report back on every run and the support here is amazing!


What beckipeg said!!!! :)


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