Week 2 done!

Today was the third run of week 2. I've found the previous couple of runs quite hard. The 90 seconds seemed really tough for some reason but today as I set off, I thought I'd try and push myself a little further in preperation for next week!

First two runs were at a minute and a half, third run was a minute and 45. Fourth run was 2minutes and fifth run was 2 minutes 15. Sixth run was 2 minutes (as I run out of road!). I would have tried to run a full 3 minutes, but I was mindful that every extra second I was running, I was losing a second on the cool-down walks.

It's hard work pushing for those extra seconds but it's given me extra confidence it beating week 3, it's been niggling me for the past 3 runs that I wouldn't be able to reach 3 minutes.

Roll on Sunday for my W3R1!

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  • Ha! I do similar.

    On R3 I do the time of the following week, just to see if I should repeat or progress. I did a 5mins yesterday.

    I will start week 4 tomorrow feeling (fairly) positive.

    Good luck on week 3, sounds like you will be fine.

    I am putting my trust in the programme ,it is working for me so far. :)

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