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Week 7 New shoes with inserts, but now sore heals?

I have run Week 7 (2). I just got new shoes that were fitted for me to help with pronation. The sales guy even talked me into Super Feet berry inserts for extra arch support. My arches seem fine, but my heals hurt the entire day after the run. Any advie would be appreciated. I have a 5k schedueled on 6/3/12. Hoping to do a 10k in August and I have signed up for the Womans Nike 1/2 marathon in October. I need body parts to be at their best.

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Are the shoes actually big enough for you? Most trainers need to be a size bigger than your usual size to allow for movement in the toebox area.

Try plastering up your heels and taking the extra arch supports out and see how that goes. I would say that if your shoes have proper support in them for pronation maybe you don't actually need the extra bits?? Have you got good running socks? There are double walled socks that you can get which are really good.

Do you mean you have a 5k scheduled for the 6th of June?



I'd also suggest you try some proper running socks. I also had problems with blisters and changed my socks - sounds daft but I was really surprised about the difference proper running socks make, so this may be worth a try:)


Thanks everyone. I am going to try taking out the inserts today (Sunday). Ran with them in on Friday and heals still hurt. I do have running socks so I hope the insert is the problem. I have come so far. I hope to resolve this probelem.


I have a 5k scheduled for June 3rd.


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