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In through the nose and out through the mouth!

Have never run in 40 years so have been following Laura's podcasts to the letter! Am on week 5 and totally astounded with progress other than on the right way to breathe. If I try to breathe in through the nose, it just feels like my nose is burning. Does it really make any difference? I don't seem to puff more than average if I just run with my mouth a bit open!

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Nah, do what works!

There are no style points - luckily for me ;-)


I stopped trying to follow that advice and I think several others here will say the same - I just assume my body will get on with breathing as best it can. The only time I really think about it is if I get a stitch and I do find that Laura's advice about that enables me to run through it. I had sinusitis for the first few weeks or more so I was just grateful to be able to breathe and run (and occasionally even gasp out the odd word) at the same time. I've found the other bits of advice helpful, such as trying to run less bouncily, but I'm sort of happy to accept that breathing will just happen :-)


Yes, I'm the same, tried it but couldn't get the hang of it. I jus run now with mouth slightly open and it seems to work great for me.


Me too. Just let your body breathe the way it wants too. I have enough trouble concentrating on keeping going without counting and thinking about breathing too!


Yup, agree with the above. Go with breathing that works :) I can now manage quite a few controlled in through the nose and out through the mouth, but that's 9 weeks later lol and I can not sustain it, I just try for one or 2 every 5 mins or so now and then go with whatever my body wants to do which is mainly huff and puff :)


Hi. I read somewhere (possibly on here!!) that you could try two short intakes through your nose, then two short out through your mouth.

It sometimes helps me!! I find that once I have stopped thinking about breathing it settles down - then if I remember I start to struggle!!

On a positive note I posted last week as I really struggled with a week 8 run - everyone's advice was to slow down. I did and it really helped!

I completed my first W9 run yesterday.. It was the first time that my breathing clicked in straight away.. Ran for 33 mins.. Amazing feeling!! Still very slow - think my new playlist helped.. Can't beat a bit of madonna (showing my age!?)

This programme really works!!


Thanks Slowrunner (and all the others!) - glad that I'm not the only one to have some issues. Maybe part of the problem is I'm doing this in Edinburgh (and in the evenings) so the air has been quite icy! Will see how I go!


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